Couples Night, Cardinals Fans, and Good SF Pizza

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Benjamin: Welcome back to the San Francisco Giant's addition for the fans by the fans, a podcast where we bring you your weekly dose of all things, San Francisco giants, baseball. From the Fan's perspective, I'm a lifelong giants fan, and your host, Benjamin Shapiro. As the giants wrap up their series against long time National League rivals the St Louis Cardinals. We welcome the first couple of brave enough to be FTF BTF guests. Luigi Petrone is a giants fan and Co owner of Piazza D'angelo restaurant in mill valley and his wife Andrea Petrone is both a St Louis cardinals fan and the founder of organic baby clothing line. You can find full of organic clothes on Amazon, but before we debate the ethics of Matt Holiday"s, late slide through Marco Scutaro in the 2012 nlcs, I want to remind you that this podcast is brought to you on behalf of our friends at fanatics. Fanatics is the global leader in licensed sports merchandise. They had the world's largest collection of official sports apparel from the leagues, teams and players you love. So if you want to buy that, oh, I don't know, Travis Ishikawa Jersey, click on the link in our show notes for visit FTF, and our friends at fanatics will kick as a couple of bucks to help pay for the production of this show. And with that said, Petrone family, Andrea and Luigi, it's great to have you here and welcome to couples counseling courtesy of the FTF BTF podcasts. 

Luigi: Hi Ben. Thanks for having a great to be here. Thank you. 

Benjamin: It's great to have you here. And I hope you're excited to talk about baseball and I hope we don't turn up too much consternation, but let's start off with the first ever FTF btf version of the newlywed game. I've taken a couple of questions out of the famous 19 seventies game show, the newlywed game, and I've modified them with a baseball twists. So can I ask you guys a couple of question about your mates, baseball viewing habits? Absolutely. Great. Okay. So, uh, and Luigi, let's start with you. Can you tell me who you think is Andrea's favorite baseball player? 

Luigi: I don't know that it would be a baseball player, but she is definitely obsessed with the cardinals mascot. Fred Bird. Fred Bird, yes. That I would have to say wouldn't be my wife's obsession with St Louis Cardinals baseball. 

Benjamin: And how does that obsession manifests itself? Or we talk in like Halloween costume or 

Luigi: or. Well, her claim to fame is actually meeting Fred Bird on the sidewalk if I recall correctly. And every time we used to talk baseball she would always bring this story up. So. 

Benjamin: So we're going with Fred Berg. We're going to lock it in A. Andrea, can you tell us whether that is actually your favorite baseball player? 

Luigi: You know what, I'm going to give them a win. That one because I really do love friends. 

Benjamin: Score one for Luigi. Can you tell us a fred bird story while we're on the topic? 

Andrea: Yes. Actually, when I was working in St Louis, I was walking to my car and Fred Bird was walking towards me on the sidewalk. I said, hey, Fred Bird, what's up? And normally they don't talk and the guy inside said, 

Benjamin: hey, what's up? Yeah. And I was like, oh my God for Enbridge is talk to me. And it was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. Yeah. You're giving birth to your beautiful daughter. Getting married. None. And now Fred Bird. Alright, Andrea, we're gonna. Turn the tables to you. Can you tell us what's Luigi [inaudible] best baseball memory. Oh, 

Andrea: he went to the world series game. Did they? When they did win, 

Benjamin: but he was also with his ex girlfriend. So maybe that wasn't his favorite. Bobet I'm just going to go ahead and ring a bell for you on this one. I'm going to have to agree with you. Ben. Luigi, fill us in. What's your favorite baseball memory? I can't remember which world series it was because there were so many of them when panda hit the homer and I think I was, I want to say 10 inches away from catching it in. Right field. Yeah. Dude, we were in the same section. Apparently. My Dad and I were at the game. It was game one against the Tigers in 2012. So the middle world series of the three, Barry Zito on the mound and my dad and I had standing room only seats that we scout for like 300 bucks a piece, but my dad had a ticket in the club level and his friend was able to sneak me up to the club level so I watched everything but the first inning from the section where the home run went out. So I was like probably 25 feet behind you. Yeah, I was on the espn top 10 highlights. Nice man. Who was awesome. All right. I got another question for you. Can you tell us Andrew's favorite ballpark snack? I would definitely have to say hot dogs with relish. Hot Dogs with relish. Andrea, you're going with bud light, aren't you? I'm more of a red wine kind of Gal. Oh, you are? Now I'm going to. 

Andrea: If we're talking a t and t r, I would probably say the Nachos from that Mexican restaurant. It's pretty good. 

Benjamin: All right, well let's turn the tables. We have two more questions left. What giants player with Luigi most like to go on a date with? What was the guy with the long hair? The Guy Smoking weed. That has to be Tim Lincecum to come. Alright, we're going to wrap that one up. And Luigi, if you could pick one giants player to go on a date with. Are we going with the big game to image him? You know, I'm gonna. Have to give her a w on that one. Winner. Okay. The tiebreaker. Last question. Luigi name the player that Andrea would dislike the most if you were his drinking buddy. 

Benjamin: I would probably have to say the cardinals catcher. Molina. Benji Molina. Seems like he could take a couple of them away. Yeah, we probably get into a lot of trouble together. I was assuming that you were going to go pat burl when I wrote this question because that's got a story for everybody in San Francisco, right? Fat The bat, but let's put Molina there. And Andrea, how upset would you be? Luigi was hanging out with yachty Molina. I wouldn't be upset at all. I'd be so happy that they were having drinks together for the sake of, you know, everybody's marriage. Let's just call that and even tie. Let's move on and talk a little bit more about living in a house divided in terms of baseball giants and cardinals had been longtime rivals and I just want to get your guys' take on a couple different times that they've buttheads. Let's go relatively way back and talk about the time that will Clark iconic eighties, early nineties giants baseball player. My childhood hero got into a fight with Ozzie Smith. How does the, uh, the brawl out at second base make you guys feel and how does that sit in the Petrone house? 

Luigi: I have to say it makes me excited because when it comes to conflicts with passion in our household, things tend to get very heated and it kind of reminds me of the Petrone household in the sense that there's just so much fire here. It's a good comparison. Does that make sense? 

Benjamin: You're the only person that's ever been on the podcast that's ever mentioned getting in an argument with his wife actually comparing it to a real fist fight. Andrea, let's, let's just bring up your daughter, the beautiful Sloan Petrone. Does that make her the candy Maldonado figure who ran from first base and just took a flying leap and punched Ozzie Smith in the face or A. is she on your side? How does she play into this?

Andrea: I birthed her and she lived in me for 10 months, so I wouldn't say she's going to be a cardinals fan and she looks really good and red is basically the second base figure coming to a claim Luigi up if he has a hard slide. 

Luigi: Pretty much, yeah. Okay. I can't say that I have a lot of say in that. 

Benjamin: Yeah, no, I understand. We have the little boy at our house and I think that when it comes down to it, we probably gang up on mom when push comes to shove, but nothing ever comes to blows. Let's turn the page and talk about something more recently. The giants in cardinals have faced off twice in the playoffs this decade in 2012 and in 2014, both series going to the giant, sending them to the world series. Let's start off talking a little bit about the 2012 nlcs notable for the comeback from being down three games to one. The giants rallied to make the World Series Marco Scutaro hitting 500 and catching the famous Shawshank redemption playoff game. Winning, catching the rain. What was life like for guys in 2012? 

Luigi: A lot different than it is now been. We watched every series, I believe at the bus stop on union and it was tense. There was lots of drinking and lots of cursing. Yes. It was very, very heated. 

Benjamin: So that series started off with the cardinals just working over the giants. I was at one of those games. I think we lost nine nothing and me and my buddy Adam drank a camping bladder of whiskey by the seventh inning. You guys are rooting for two different teams. The giants were down. Three one. Andrea, what were some of the things that you were saying at the bus stop to Luigi? 

Luigi: Probably things like in your face, cardinals. We had just won the year before as well, so 11 and 11 

Benjamin: and Luigi, and when the giants completed the comeback and won three games in a row to clinch the series, did anything come out of your mouth that you regretted saying or were you just a gracious winner? 

Luigi: You know, Ben, I didn't use my words to emphasize the glory of the victory. Instead, I took every single piece of memorabilia. I owned [inaudible]. I decided to decorate our apartment in it so that when Andrea came back from work, she was reminded of how superior my ball club was against hers. 

Benjamin: That's a bold move. A man of action. 

Luigi: Yes, there were orange rally towel. I just couldn't find words to express what I was feeling, so I decided to show her my. I'll tell you also what he did is he posted at lovely picture on my facebook of Fred burden a coffin. 

Benjamin: I was just about to say, I'm pretty sure I remember a facebook post of a bird in a coffin. 

Luigi: He still brings it up. Every year I have that image saved in a very secret file so I could live with me forever. 

Benjamin: Is that file called desktop photos? Let's turn the page and talk about 2014. A couple of years later, giants and cardinals face off again. And this series wasn't as close. Giants took it four to one, but this is a pennant. Clinching home run by Travis Ishikawa to send the giants of the world series against the cardinals. Let's relive that one. Sorry. Andrea, will we do want to you tell us how you feel about the 2014 series as it relates to your 

Luigi: marriage? Well, that was actually the year that Andrea and I got married, so I have to say that I was very mellow for that because I wanted to start my marriage off right. And I figured that, uh, knowing it because of a dirty baseball argument might've been a bad way to start. 

Benjamin: It's almost up there with hanging out with pat the bat. Exactly. So I have to say there 

Luigi: memorabilia state in my drawers and there was a friendly handshake I think 

Benjamin: I'm guessing for a little while after that series. It wasn't just the that stayed in your drawers. No comment. You see what I did there? Okay. Andrea. I was at the clinching game with my dad again and remember that the cardinals were up two to one, I believe it was the eighth inning and Mike Morris came to bat and my dad said that they should pinch hit with Gregor Blanco. He didn't like that there were penetrating with Mike Morris and he came up and I said, dad, he's going to hit a home run and we're going to win this game. We're going to. The world series gets to, I believe a three two count mashes one over the wall and then in the ninth district calla steps up and hit another home run. Sends us to the world series. Iconic moment. How do you feel about nlcs clenching the home runs and what do you think about the 2000? 14? Serious. 

Andrea: That one was really tough for me. I had already had a couple of years before that. It was a rough season for me. Rough ending. So that one really stung. I was really, really upset about that one, but it got to applaud the giants. They played better. 

Benjamin: Yeah. Well I hate to run you through the ringer, but this is a giants baseball podcast. But while we're talking about the cardinals, give me your take. How do you feel about the team for this year? One of the giants fan needs to know. I know we're getting to this a little late and the giants and cardinals just split a series, but how are you feeling about the team and give us the preview? 

Andrea: I'm honestly not feeling that great. I mean we're behind the cubs, which cubs and cardinals are really big rivals, so to be behind them sex and I think we're in fourth in our division, so I'm not feeling good. I don't think we'll probably make it far. 

Benjamin: It's a tough division because the brewers are actually the best team in the national league and then the cubs or the second best team in the national league. So while the cardinals are three games over 500, you would have to jump to teams in your division, which is pretty unlikely and you're also behind the phillies and the braves who are in the east, so chances of making a wild card, it's going to be a tough road for the cardinal is just like it is for the giants and they're only separated after the split in the series by half a game. It's been a rough couple of years with the cubs finally getting over the Hump and obviously not making it to the world series a couple of times playing the giants. So you still paying attention to baseball, you're just focusing on the Amazon store? 

Andrea: Yes, baseball has definitely taken a bit of a backseat, but I always liked to watch the giant cardinal series smack talk to my husband when I can. Like that first game when we, uh, well, I don't know what was the score 90 

Benjamin: that title. Remember that game was so long ago. It was 11 to two, but the giants won 13 to eight. We ended up splitting the series today. So let's leave everybody on a happy note. Let's just say look, your teams about 500 Luigi team is about 500. You guys got a championship this decade. We got a couple. It evens out in the end, right? But we actually have 11, so 

Luigi: not really. Oh, but you didn't beat us this year and where the team of the decades. Why am. Why am I arguing with you about baseball? That's your husband's job. Luigi back me up here. And the cardinals have never won a series against the giants since we've 

Benjamin: been a couple. So that's all that matters to me. She's got some points. So I'm going to get you in trouble here. Luigi. That's all right. Ben. There's two things I want to do. First, let's have one good baseball story from the to you about being a couple. Is there any notable moments maybe during the courtship or something like that where you guys were at a baseball game or any games that were notable? 

Andrea: Well, he actually went back to my hometown, St Louis and they were playing the giants. We timed it around going back so that we could watch the game on my turf because we're always on his turf and that was pretty awesome. I think the giants actually one 

Luigi: no, the giants did win and I was probably the only person out of like 8,000 people that was wearing orange 

Andrea: and you know what? Everyone was actually really nice to him because St Louis fans have that Midwest charm, so they were really respectful towards them 

Luigi: for the most part. How about you 

Benjamin: give me a favorite story? 

Luigi: I think it was one of the playoffs series in 2012 where they giants had one and we were walking home from the bus stop. We had had several bud light and we're walking home and Andrea just confesses her undying love for me. I have to say it was a beautiful moment for me because my team had just one I had a good buzz on and this girl who I was secretly in love with had just convinced her undying love for me. So 

Benjamin: she pulled ahead in that series and then you had to work your way back? 

Luigi: Yeah, I definitely forgot about the score and who had won that night, that's for sure. 

Benjamin: A baseball bringing people together. Andrea, before we let you go, I know that you just launched the Amazon store, organic baby gear for everybody that's listening. Most people are in San Francisco, giants fans. We won't hold it against you that you're cardinals fans. Give us a quick detail on what it's about and how people could find it. 

Andrea: Well, thanks for that band. So yes, I just launched the organic baby on Wednesday. It is a all got organic certified clothing, so burp cloths, bibs, onesies, swaddle blankets, all completely organic, 95 percent organic, no harmful chemicals or dyes, so it's really great for your little one. Sensitive skin and I had a hard time finding great stuff when Sloan was really little, so 

Luigi: I decided to start something on my own. 

Benjamin: Do they make them in black and orange? 

Luigi: We're working on that. No, we're not. No, we're not coming out for the 2019 

Benjamin: season. Your black and orange organic baby burp cloths. You heard it here. First folks, and that's a wrap for today's show. Our plan is to do this every week, so if you want more giants baseball on your podcast feed, click the subscribe button. Also, since we're just getting started, we'd love for you to give us a rating and the apple itunes store or send us any questions you have and you can find a contact form on our website for the fans by the The easiest way to get there is just go to FTF BTF DOT com. Thanks to our friends at fanatics for sponsoring the show. If you're going to go buy your giants gear, click on the link in our show notes. We're going to FTS, and they'll kick us a couple of bucks to help produce the show. Don't forget, organic baby. Our close friend Andrea Petrone is new business. If you've got young kids, go to Amazon organic baby buyer burp cloths there. Do us a favor and until next time, swing and a miss and that's it.