Flirting with Pat the Bat, Lifting w/ Brian Wilson, Bruce Bochy Hangovers

As the Giants sit at .500 after their first two series, we welcome Chris Smith to the pod. Chris is an avid Giants fan and former professional football player who now works in commercial real estate in Newport California.

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Episode Transcript

Benjamin:            Welcome back to the San Francisco giants edition of the for the fans by the fans podcast where we bring you your weekly dose of all things, San Francisco giants, baseball. From the fans perspective, I'm a lifelong giants fan and your host, Benjamin Shapiro, has the giant sit at 500 after their first two series. We welcome Chris Smith onto the pod. Chris is an avid giants fan and former professional football player who now works in commercial real estate in Newport, California. But before we talk to Chris about Joe Panik becoming the second coming of Babe Ruth, I want to tell you about the new hat I bought from our friends at fanatics. Fanatics is this podcast sponsor. I am the world's slowest long distance runner. And when I tried around marina green like it's the basis at [inaudible] Park. I want everyone to see that I'm a giants fan. So I hopped onto the fanatics mobile app and I find myself the perfect San Francisco giants, new era crux line, neo 30 9:30 flex hat.

Benjamin:            It's black with orange thread with a mesh back to keep my dome the right temperature while I'm circling the pads, and if you're in the market for some new giants, gear fanatics has the world's largest collection of official sports apparel from the leagues, teams and players that you love. We're lucky enough to be fanatics affiliates, so if you're going to buy your San Francisco giants gear, go to f, Taf, btf dot slash fanatics, and they'll kick us a couple of bucks to help for the production of this show. That said, Chris, welcome to the ITF BTF podcast. First Time on a podcast, right?

Chris:                       Of course, first time. It wasn't probably a 1500 hours of part to ask my boss that.

Benjamin:            So tell me, how does this compare with suiting up for an NFL game?

Chris:                       Fortunately, I don't think going to be punching me in the face repeatedly, which is pretty nice. So I guess continue on with and I do podcasting studio as opposed to having people in the back give me concussions. Dislocated you're different body parts.

Benjamin:            You know, we try to make this as hard hitting have a podcast as we can and I'm a little disappointed that you think isn't as physical as being alignment in the NFL. That said, let's start off. Tell us about how you became a giants fan.

Chris:                       Well, not a lifelong fan with yourself. Chemistry team of fan around the age of seven or eight, but we were not. My first ever team was the giants. I grew up in Fresno. OK. Just the local coach got to and then his team that and the rest of the week try to divvy up the other team names, but because of the time, single way giants were there. So it was the fresno giants back in the law. It is not myself too much, but a [inaudible] back then. It was pretty great to see some of the up and coming giants will. Clark was there, which was great to see him play and pretty much why I wore number 22 for my first game ever. Giants uniform.

Benjamin:            So you're from Fresno. Tell me about where most of the people around you. Giants fans are. They split giants is one of the territorial rights out in Fresno.

Chris:                       I had grew up there and then uh, moved out of there in 99, but it was kind of when I, in terms of knowing what's going on pretty much outside of your home, so I was playing baseball and actually starting to watch it on television, which was pretty good timing. Being a lifelong giants fan and Aficionado of the team. You'll know how bad they were in 1986. So it's good thing I wasn't born in your early because starting off in about foot of a hundred last season probably wouldn't have been the best thing. So it's starting to become a fan. It is seven when they're sweet, made the playoffs. It was probably a pretty good thing, but in that area was all giants. Having the single a team there made it pretty beneficial for them to kind of get a good foothold over that territory.

Benjamin:            So as a kid, you're a giants fan, will Clark era you get through the eighties, eventually become a pretty well-known athlete. You went to UC Davis. Did you follow the giants as you were growing up?

Chris:                       Which was pretty good. Was um, when we moved to Lodi, which is a little closer to San Francisco to see the giant still on, on the television and there would move. There was 1989 when the earthquake happened and even though I was about an hour and a half away, we actually get field earthquake at our house. I was watching the game sitting on my bed doing homework and the fan in my room started shooting, which was kind of hard being so far away from San Francisco and actually feeling the effects that your own houses. Kind of a pretty trippy experience.

Benjamin:            I was in Burlingame, California. And let me tell you a trippy is the exact way to describe it. I think everybody fell over. It was a pretty strong earthquake. So tell us about that. You See Davis,

Chris:                       Farmington quite a bit. Um, when we moved to the area was, and to go into the city and freeze your ass off at candlestick park was pretty brutal. But uh, then eventually when I finally got to college and UC Davis, they opened up the new park ventured into San Francisco every now and then. It's not the closest place from Davis. Can we go a slug it down and then do with all of it East Bay traffic. So I made a few trips but having a new park there and definitely entice me to go. And then bonds was doing his thing and this is my favorite baseball player within your college and having him do the best player probably never seen. Keeps you putting your homework and studying for tests on the side until the game's over at least.

Benjamin:            So you're a big giants fan, your big Barry Bonds Fan. Obviously the team has changed a lot since the bond's era, but the off season moves were primarily around bringing power back to the lineup. How do you feel about the off season moves bringing in mccutcheon and Longoria to the lineup this year?

Chris:                       Well, I think coming off the terrible season they had and it's almost a citizen and a half after that bad second half slide and turn 16 pretty much continued on through 2017. There's pretty much the only one way to go was up, so just being able to do a few moves up. It did definitely strengthen the team that said, um, pretty on Gore in the lineup, but cutting the contract year. So she definitely has a motivation. Austin Jackson pickup wasn't all that thrilled with, but I like to see a digger in there instead. And then obviously my favorite acquisition in the off season is without a doubt springing back. Gregor Blago

Benjamin:            of course, of course. Tell me why you have such a deep affinity for Gregor. Blanca

Chris:                       amazes me how that guy is going to be able to keep a job and league baseball for as long as he's had. I'm a big stats guy, know everything what he's doing, but I can't imagine that he's hit over to 50 and had double digit home runs total in the last, I'd say five seasons easily.

Benjamin:            Yeah, I think I would have liked to have seen dugger, but you know, they still have Gorky, son the lineup to provide some pop like yesterday

Chris:                       you've got to balance out the budget somehow and it's guys like that that get on rosters and I don't know if dyers down just because of major league service time, a kind of like what the cubs did with Chris Bryant. Not to say she's going to be the stuff that Chris Brian is, but I don't know if it was done in part because of that, but I believe that doug or hits a home run his first at bat and the minors. So you know, obviously turn and tell him something.

Benjamin:            He's doing his best. Joe Panik impression

Chris:                       three home runs, three urbanize.

Benjamin:            Well, typical giants, you know, Solo homeruns. That's our calling card runs. Yeah, of course. So tell me a, were two series in. We have the split against the dodgers and the split against the mariners. What are some of your impressions? Having watched the first couple of games of the season.

Chris:                       Cool. So I'm usually blacked out when the dodgers and giants are playing, but fortunately those games were air done here, so I was able to enjoy them.

Benjamin:            When you say blacked out, do you mean they're not on tv or you're incoherent? It's because of their agreement about that house. A little of column a, a little column b maybe just busting your balls, man.

Chris:                       Actually I didn't mind. It had been being blacked out last season. I could live with that because I don't like to see the dodgers crushed. The giants did not a bad thing to help them blocked out. But yeah, the season watching the games than bleeding per shaw was pretty sweet and it didn't come off of print pill, home run. It's like there's somebody else. The giants found that it could beat him for once.

Benjamin:            We still only scored one run against them and I think he went seven and ngs, but that's kind of the only way to beat these days. Mostly if you're the giants.

Chris:                       He was on the ropes all that game. So I will share the talk radio down here talking about how grit Kershaw was and he only gave up one run and there things a flu comb. Ron and I kind of looked at it like, well, we have their chances to score early. So Kirsten was kind of lucky to not give the runs that it did. So he was probably, in my opinion,

Benjamin:            hey, a win's a win and I've never heard of any sort of fluke home run ever.

Chris:                       Well, I mean these guys were in the major leagues for a reason.

Benjamin:            The thing cleared the fence by 20 feet

Chris:                       having to be a daughter as my dad has a dodgers fan and unfortunately growing up he never imposed that him being a dodgers fan was going to meet his son, a dodgers fan, which makes me think about that. Having my own son, they'll actually have two now, but one's three and one's three months and I was thinking about am I going to meet him a giants fan. It's going to be an angel fan. God-Forbid a dodger fan. But it's interesting to see that people who kind of force their kids to be fans of their own team, I think it's mainly tied into people that have never had success from their teams growing up. Red Sox fans for as long as they had never had a world series. So the dads are saying, well I have been suffering for so long now my kids are going to suffer. There are red sox fans this with me. I think once you have a team that wins during your time prime and I went in your teens or twenties or thirties to have witnessed a couple of championships yourself. You're not so worried about having your kids be them. They could, you know, root for whatever team they want and you can of enjoy your own team. You let them have where they want. We see kind of hang your hat on that. The world series that you've witnessed. How about what you think about that?

Benjamin:            So are you saying that Roman can sport an angel hat and you have no thoughts or repercussions for them?

Chris:                       I don't care. I have my giants and they that they want on my watch.

Benjamin:            Yeah. So tell me a little bit more about your thoughts from the beginning of the season.

Chris:                       Well, it was pretty sweet. It's a giant splitting two and the law and then coming home and see them face. Seattle interleague so early on to still seems weird to me that's happening this quick and long story rivalry between the mariners and the giants goes back for ages, but a loves to Brian Wilson throughout the first batch.

Benjamin:            Brian Wilson, local San Francisco native. And when you lived in San Francisco, he was in the marina and you were in the marine and you guys ever run into each other

Chris:                       or. I ran into him a handful of times. The first time I met him that was working out in the 24 hour fitness that used to be next to the marina. Safeway, or is the locals called? The Gateway and this gym is probably smaller than most typical hotel gyms. So we'd stay. I'm working out and I see this guy come in. He's wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a cutoff sleeves hat on. Just above the eyes, hood on over that music blasting and his Ipod, this bench bench press that I'd say maybe three, 350 pounds to. There's no one else in this gym. So I know at some point he's going to ask me for a spa, which was great and you know, he's looking at me and was like, hey bro to the over here. And so

Benjamin:            how sets did he get up?

Chris:                       Oh, she did at least three to four and I didn't help him on any one of them so help them do that and then later on that night psalm, close out, dizzy. But I think it was against the rockies was kind of cool seeing him do that.

Benjamin:            So you've been a professional athlete before and it's interesting to me he was working out the same day as the game. Is that something that's usual like before you're playing a football game or are you out in the gym pumping some iron or you sort of resting up and getting ready?

Chris:                       Most guys on the football team there, I mean they're your game on Sunday and usually you're off on Monday and Tuesday. The lower level players like myself to go on on those days and work out, but most of the top athletes on the team, those guys are getting after it on Fridays for sure. Chris Martin, Future Hall of Famer was a teammate of mine and that guy was still banging out four sets of 10 of 500 pound squats on Fridays, so it goes to show you that football, you gotta keep it up, but you can't get after too much a day before a game and a day after you're pretty spencer, you're to take it easy, but you're closer like Wilson was. You're going to know if you're even going to play that night, so you might as well get some work and just in case you're going to come in at 9:30 at night, I think you can get a. A couple, a [inaudible] bench press reps in there.

Benjamin:            Everything I've heard about him was that he was at workout fee and it was interesting seeing them a without the beard on opening day, but also, you know, he didn't look like the chiseled piece of rock that he was when he was on the mountain for the giants.

Chris:                       Well, I think, uh, we're getting paid 10,000,000 a year. That's some motivation. And when you're not towing back a little bit,

Benjamin:            now he's just a part owner of a bowling alley across the street from the stadium.

Chris:                       Lucky strike.

Benjamin:            That's part owned by Brian Wilson

Chris:                       from the start or from recently. Wow.

Benjamin:            Yeah. So he's still doing OK. Tell me how you feel about him being back on the mountain for the giants. Were you happy or did you have some animosity towards Wilson?

Chris:                       I'm Austin towards [inaudible]. Coming from the professional claire background that I have is, it's a business out there. The team you're on doesn't want you and someone else wants to pay you more, more power to you and the fans the south to understand that it is a business and you've got to look out for yourself and you don't know how long you're going to be playing for and the careers these guys are doing of these guys are in their mid twenties or thirties. I mean they're not going to find another job that's going to pay this much at all for us to their wives so they're not develop in a real world skills and training that other people, what are their thirties. They've already laid the ground work from their twenties and it's kind of the reverse. These professional athletes. So I have no problems with them at all and I definitely love seeing him out there. That brings back all the [inaudible] memories and that's kind of the team that I think most giants fans will talk about it even though they obviously got the two other ones after that. I mean they obviously bumgarner for one of those but have full team championship world series. I was 2010.

Benjamin:            So you were in the city living in the marina for all three championships, it sounds like [inaudible] [inaudible] was your favorite. Tell me about how you think of the difference between the three championship teams

Chris:                       for the 10 still amazing that starting out through all the mark Derosa, John Faucher and Erin Rowan was your opening day, opening series, outfield. And then to end it the way they did kinda gives false hope for future years because they say, oh well we can roll that lineup out and we can still win a world series. So is it always going to reflect that? Probably never. It's just funny how the teams kind of build upon each other and obviously 2012 was a great year as well. And then 14 having the bum garner dominance. Thought it was almost wrote that into 16 as well. How maybe they kind of want a couple of those games against the cubs. They definitely should have won. And who knows what could've happened.

Benjamin:            Let's be honest, there were a bullpen arm away from sending that to Johnny Cueto in the seventh game of the series. That's not a given. If you're the cubs, that was a great season by Kwaito and he had one hit the uh, was a one hit

Chris:                       a one run game, one that they lost the remainder, maybe the one bullpen arm west, but there obviously we're maybe one that lasts from scoring some runs and I didn't have one, so that's kind of playoff baseball. It was painful to see your team who's one zero with the effort, but Quito had and then to not be able to give him the ball and getting five to take care of. And I think even Joe Maddon mentioned that she was glad that she didn't have to face him.

Benjamin:            So tell me about your feelings for the team this year. How do you think they're going to do?

Chris:                       I mean, I'm kind of a realist when it comes to my own team. I'm not a fan thinking it's going to be the world series every year. Nothing. I mean, obviously we want them to win, but I temper my expectations. I think it's easier to do that after they've won a few to. No, he's got a few of those in your back pocket. To not get overly excited, but I was kind of planning on a Saturday when season you wanted it to. Somewhere around there more to the three and three thus far. They're kind of on track for that over the long way to go, but that's Kinda my thoughts.

Benjamin:            So what do you think is more likely Joe Panik leads the giants in slugging percentage currently with an eight, 10 slugging percentage. Joe Panik leads the team and home run, or Pablo Sandoval leads the team in our buys.

Chris:                       I don't think it's Santa Barbara gets more than 45 RBI's all season. There's no way.

Benjamin:            Barring injuries, so. All right.

Chris:                       Is there any point in limited time? I think I had six in six games

Benjamin:            for rb. [inaudible] leads the team.

Chris:                       Well that's. That's pretty easy to do under the scoring two runs in the first two dames and shut out the other ones.

Benjamin:            Tell me, who do you think has a better probability? Is Johnny Cueto gonna have an era that goes above point seven? Is he going to go undefeated the entire year? Is Tony Watson going to strike out every single battery he faces?

Chris:                       I love the Watson speech, the pirates, like they've done with a few other a few years ago. I mean, I feel like he was just a giant waiting to happen.

Benjamin:            Great. Trans pirates trades. There's the barry bonds, although that was a free agent signing. Schmidt for Sanchez. Yeah. Freddy Sanchez Vogel Song was from the pirates, but that wasn't a trade. Who else?

Chris:                       I think the song was treated for.

Benjamin:            That's right. And then he came back after a stop in Japan.

Chris:                       Ready? Uh, who was the guy that got hit in the head and knocked out half of the season? Joe Martinez, part of the, uh, the Freddy's Sanchez trade.

Benjamin:            Joe Martinez. I don't even remember him. He's going a world series ring. That's right. The pitcher. Joe Martinez? Yeah. Yeah.

Chris:                       I thought you said you're a giants fan.

Benjamin:            You go into the wayback machine, man,

Chris:                       we'll go into 30 plus games a year. You get to learn all the players like I used to do.

Benjamin:            I'm too busy making giants podcast to go to the game.

Chris:                       I have tickets for the giants angels series down here, which is about 25 minutes from my house. And that's coming up on a 20 to 21st and 22nd, so bought tickets for all three James and been putting in a husband time to try and bake as much goodwill as I can order to slip away and go to those games. So I'm pretty much looking forward to that.

Benjamin:            So tell me about life as a giants fan in southern California or people aggressive or you support in your giants gear. Are you hiding it in the back of the closet?

Chris:                       I worry about giant stuff as much as possible.

Benjamin:            Doesn't hurt the ear six, five and 227 pounds of muscle.

Chris:                       I usually go shirtless at the beach. So I can't wear any giant stuff. I need to get some giant sport shorts. I think I need to put that on my father's day. A movie fanatics. Make some of those

Benjamin:            f, Taf, buddy.

Chris:                       Yeah, I'll definitely go online and see if they have that. If not, it would be my suggestion here. It's kind of brutal listening to Charlie Steiner on the radio doing a dodger games. I didn't mind then Scully at all, but Steiner's pretty brutal and listening to the Angel Games, it's just not that exciting. I mean, I'm kind of a national league guy. A true and true, so listening to American League baseball does. It doesn't sound right. I mean you never know where you're at in the lineup. I think that's the biggest thing is there's a dah and sometimes the first second, and I'm not a huge fan of American league baseball.

Benjamin:            It's confusing to me to rationally baseball. Obviously the closest. Tell me about who you think is gonna win each of the three divisions. Let's start off with the analyst who's taking it home.

Chris:                       Sadly, scenes need to say it, but just having the resources that they do or when you got such a deep farm system like they do, they could. They could trade for ready-made miserably talent and they've got the payroll to sign the big name guys and then a central I. I think you've got to go with the brewers. I think they went hard at a few of the top freezer pitchers that are out there, so they are showing a willingness to want to win. I think the tank for so long and banged up so much money

Benjamin:            brewers over the cubs.

Chris:                       Yes. I think the cards are down. I'm not a huge cubs fan.

Benjamin:            It's interesting how the cubs were what looked like a dynasty waiting to happen when they won the world series two years ago. The team is relatively the same. You're basically trading Arietta for Hugh Darvish and people seem to be very down on the cubs playoff team two years in a row. I think the cubs are going to be good this year.

Chris:                       I think they'll be competitive and again as a team that has resources and chance to competitive, but I just don't think there was some of those guys are going to be proven superstars. A lot of people kind of think they are and big Rizzo was submitted to do for a down here and I think Brian is good, but I don't think he's great. And then kind of the rest of the team Kinda is what it is. So I guess the East, uh, I was pretty bullish on affiliate early on before the year started.

Benjamin:            You're stumbling out of the gate at two and four right now.

Chris:                       I thought maybe what, uh, could be the answer for a new wave of how to do things and his group cultures after 60 something pitches and I'm losing the Games.

Benjamin:            Pitching is not their problem. Their problem is that they've scored 19 runs so far this season, which is in the national league. Third worst. The only other teams that are behind that are the San Francisco giants with 16 and the Cincinnati reds with 13. So they need to put the bat on the ball.

Chris:                       I mean they went out and got a Santana. They spent money for him and Arietta area. Honestly, it's a few home runs with that feel good for a few. I mean obviously the nationals, I think they're the kind of class and I'll east so I expect them to win that division for sure. Like going out about win by saying that by any means. But

Benjamin:            coming out of the National League,

Chris:                       I think it's the nationals here, they got rid of dusty, you know, burning all the fishers and as much as it could, I hate to say it, but yeah, I think they finally got over the hump without them. Although I love dusty Banger,

Benjamin:            you know, as much as I'd love to see the giants and the playoffs, I'm not sure it's in the card this year emotionally with Gardner's injury and if anybody other than the dodgers comes out of the National League. I'm happy giants fan. That's basically how I'm guarding this year. Successes in terms of entertainment potential playoff runs and the dodgers not winning the world series

Chris:                       world series last year and living down here. It was pretty miserable. I mean they were hanging. The banner just swept the first series that they won and I just kept telling everybody, I'm like, I've gone through this before and know what it takes to win in the playoffs or a long run. And the hope being a non dodger fan and here is for them to either get swept in the world series so they get embarrassed or they go to game seven like they did and lose game six and seven at home and make the fans a ton of money to lose. So I think that was a pretty good consolation being a giants fan down here to see that happen.

Benjamin:            It all worked out in the end and thanks to our friends in orange from Texas. Um, let me just open up the mic and just ask you, are there any other funny stories that related to the giants that you want to tell us?

Chris:                       Well, it's kind of interesting that you wash your team on television so much, but when you're living in the same city as the team and the players are in even coaches you a good to have some interesting rod ends and when you're in your late twenties and early thirties like I was living there. And when you're a single guy, you're going to go on the town and have [inaudible] and those guys are kind of the same boat as you. So you do get to run into some of those guys. One of my favorite stories was in 2012 running into George contests and uh, Andre easier at the tipsy pig off of a chestnut streets. And both players were very. The related. I knew someone that it was when their team personnel and kind of introduced me to them. And so those were both pretty cool guys. Abomasum drinks as it kept getting warmed up.

Chris:                       As the night went on, you're called out contose about how terrible the giants were and they weren't doing very well that season. I think at the time it was like in June, I want to see the giants for like year nine games out of first place. So it was, it was looked not looking very good and contests being a rookie and they had just traded for him, I think treated at Chris Stewart for him. So they gave up sports two home runs a year and a backup catcher possession. So it was a tough loss anyway. Contests but easier, a thousand bucks that the giants would win the division. And I thought that was pretty ballsy. Him and pretty much made me a huge fan of his right then and there to be a rookie and kind of put his money where his mouth is and not to mention that he bought me maybe four or five drinks, which also stayed in my good graces.

Benjamin:            Oddly enough, I have run into George contest at the tipsy pig and it was with brunch with my in-laws and I was explaining to my mother in law that he was a San Francisco giant and of course she ran over and started taking pictures with him and what I believe is his wife or his fiance. So I think George probably spend a fair amount of time at the tipsy pig, whether it's during the day or at night. And I'm glad to see that we cleaned up and won the division that year.

Chris:                       You're going to go fishing. I mean, don't go to the local pool. I mean they're going to go or Revit, sorry. You know?

Benjamin:            Yep. Yep. And the mortal words of Pat, the bat burrow, you know, he's a baseball player. He can separate one from the pack whenever he wants to.

Chris:                       Whenever you want good stories. I read another one with rural hitting on my wife while he was rehabbing an Arizona. She was my fiance at the time. He was in Arizona and she was visiting one of her friends there and cinema two drinks to a table and went over there and try to try to work as game and that didn't happen very well, but what's funny about him is I think everyone has had a significant hit on by him when he was living in the city of San Francisco at some point.

Benjamin:            It's a rite of passage for every blonde girl in San Francisco to say I've been hit on by pat the bat.

Chris:                       Well, my wife was also hit on by a phone to so covering the full end of the spectrum.

Benjamin:            You gotta you gotta go into more detail with that one.

Chris:                       This is a 2013. The giants for obviously really terrible that year and I'm at another bar and my wife texted me and says, price boat. She's here right now. And I'm like looking at my texts. I'm like, you know, I didn't have that many drinks at that point. I'm thinking price. I know he has a son, but I think his son's names Brett, not bryce. So I texted her back and say, do you mean bruce? And she says, yes, there is hitting on me and a bunch of my friends. This is a late Saturday night. So being a place where you're going to have, uh, the older crowd was there hitting on her. So I meet with my friends, which we thought we'd go over there and see what was going on and came over. It was probably about one of them at that point. And she introduces me to him just saying, Oh, bruce, this is my husband. Chris is a huge giants fan. And the first words I said to me when I really respect him for this and saying I'm so sorry about this season. So he gave me an apology right there. One, two world series. But for him to give me a formal apology was pretty great. And then, uh, what's funny is the next day we were watching the game and I don't think he left the dugout once we got a massive hangover that day.

Benjamin:            Well, you know, he's got a little bit of a bump ticker, so hopefully he's taken it easy these days. But Ah,

Chris:                       well we were drinking 70 bourbons, midnight 1:00 AM that probably. Does it contribute too much?

Benjamin:            Pages are pretty girl. You can't play them. Um, any last words before we let you go?

Chris:                       I think that's it. I, uh, definitely will be an interesting experience coming up, going to the angels giants. I'll be decked out in all my giants gear in Orange County here in about two weeks. So I'm looking forward to that. And uh, if we can circle back up after that and see how that went,

Benjamin:            do some scanning of the American league teams. I know you love them and let's hop back on the pod sometime soon.

Chris:                       All right, sounds good. Thanks again.

Benjamin:            OK, that's a wrap for today's show. Our plan is to do this every week. So if you want more giants baseball in your podcast feed, click that subscribe button. Also, since we're just getting started out, we'd love for you to give us a rating and the apple itunes store or send us any questions too for the fans by the, or you can find us on twitter and on instagram under f Taf, btf. And thanks to our friend at fanatics, if you're going to buy your giants gear, head to [inaudible], etf dot [inaudible] slash fanatics, and they'll kick us a couple bucks to help us produce this show. Next again to our friend Chris Smith for joining us. And until next time, swing and a miss. And that's it.

Chris:                       Our. Yeah.