Foul Balls in Anaheim, Trout vs Williamson, Gamerbabes Drinking Beers

After going 4 up & 2 down against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Washington Nationals, the Giants sit at 2 games below last week, and we welcome Chris Smith back to the show. Chris is an avid Giants fan and former professional football player who now works in commercial real estate in Newport California.

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Episode Transcript

Benjamin:    Welcome back to the San Francisco giants, addition of for the fans by the fans, a podcast where we bring you your weekly dose of all things, San Francisco giants. From the fans perspective, I'm a lifelong giants Fan and your host Benjamin Shapiro. After growing up in two down against the Los Angeles angels of Anaheim and the Washington nationals, the giant sit at two games below 500 after last week. And we welcome back. Chris Smith. Chris is an avid giants fan and former professional football player who now works in commercial real estate in Newport, California. But before we talk to Chris About Matt Williamson, taking Justin Turner Swing and becoming Babe Ruth, I want to tell you about our friends at Fanatics.

Fanatics is the global leader in licensed sports merchandise. They have the world's largest collection of official sports apparel from the leagues, teams and players that you love. And we're lucky enough to be fanatics affiliates. So if you're going to go buy your giants gear, click on the link in our show notes, or you can go to And they'll kick us a couple of bucks to help with the production of this show that Chris, welcome back to the FDM btf San Francisco giants podcast. How are you doing, sister? The giants playing better, uh, even better. And I know, I know the last podcast that we just launched with Adam was pretty depressing. They were for games under 500 and we were basically just sinking the ship and of course then they go out and win for the next six and now all of a sudden birds are chirping. The Sun's out. Life's a little bit better. 

Chris:    He gets on Twitter, I mean.

Benjamin:    that's right. That's right. I think they were undefeated since bocce. Now they lost yesterday, but they're two in one since she joined the twittersphere 

Chris:    Adam all the time. 

Benjamin:    Love it. So it's also the NFL draft this week. I, uh, before we get started talking about the giants, and I know you went to some of the games in Anaheim, tell us the story. Did you get drafted? 

Chris:    Failed to hear my name called, although it's kind of a blessing in disguise where being a rookie free agent, my guy was kind of have the options to go, where do you want to go as opposed to being a sixth or seventh Rhonda and getting stuck somewhere that might not be a good situation where they have a bunch of veterans already on the team or the draft for you guys at your position earlier in that draft, which makes it pretty tough to make the team. So I was a productive sixth, seventh round, but a one as a free agent to the jets, so I guess there's a little bit of disappointment, not hearing her name, but at the same time the jets had a bunch of older guys that got rid of and we're looking for some new blood and was a really good opportunity for me to make the team there, so that's why I chose them instead of your favorite writers, 

Benjamin:    so you didn't get drafted and you picked the jets at. Of all places. 

Chris:    This isn't 90 recent years by any means. I don't want to date myself too much. This is a 2002, they had, uh, made the playoffs the year before with her birds and his first year and I had him a year or two and we want the answer to that year, which is pretty rare to hear someone other than the picture that's making the playoffs in winning the division, but we, you did break up the three out of four that Brady had won over that span. So I can't really say I was a part of that 

Benjamin:    could've been worse. It could've been Baker Mayfield and had a sentence going to the Cleveland browns. 

Chris:    The browns couldn't have screwed that up. Even more prostitutes or even if they liked him, they should've just treated on that first pick and just ticking him with a fourth text and they could have probably got a first rounder. The next year's draft. 

Benjamin:    They should've just taken Barkley and drafted him in the fourth. 

Chris:    They're still going to do it. Should've taken Chubb, but you're just in your quarterbacks. 

Benjamin:    I don't know. It's the brownies thing that ever brown. Of course. Yeah. Well, let's get onto giants baseball. I know that you went to a couple of the games in Anaheim. Tell us about the experience going to the ballpark by Disney 

Chris:    in the tickets before the season started having your team come into your area and I know we don't count the dodgers is in my area because it takes two plus hours to get there from my house and that's not going to be an enjoyable experience. Plus with how well the dodgers are playing. It would be even tougher to go to the game and watch the giants who lose are the dodgers. So having the Angel Stadium About Twenty minutes from my house worked out pretty well and through James in three nights and basically three different experiences on Friday while my wife and Saturday he took my son wrong and for his first game is a little over three years old and then Sunday went with a buddy of mine who's an angels fan and able to talk baseball and wash it with a fan. So kind of through their experiences. 

Benjamin:    So tell me about the park. What's the experience like and you ready to abandon [inaudible] and just live at Anaheim stadium? 

Chris:    Oh, never had been. Nothing compares to it too. I think I've been to 10 to 11 different parks so they can say I'm a pretty good base of comparison. But I remember going to the angel stage and when I was a kid, my grandparents are down here, so we went back when they shared it with the rams. So was the Combo football, baseball still don't move those, those at candlestick we visit my grandparents down here, go to the gyms and I never remember ever having really good sits there. Same as when I was at candlestick. I never remember having good seeds growing up. So now that they've kind of redone it, a splash mountain on center field, admit the park more fan friendly. They kind of have what they call it, the millennials deck where it's kind of like a good place if you're single to have a bunch of drinks and hit on people. So they've got that going for them. Was Pretty Nice about your status? 

Benjamin:    Um, so the actual team, you're looking at trout Otani two holes, who else is still there on that Anaheim team? 

Chris:    That's the last couple of years, but they had a bunch of big free agent signings and signed a bunch of bats being a giants fan. That's kind of what you were hoping that your team would do is science in big hitters and who actually will produce, I should say because that Co's art now and youtube. Then they got Andrelton Simmons few years ago on a trailer and he's one of the best short stocks in the game. So got a pretty exciting team and I go to maybe half a dozen names in here. 

Benjamin:    Tell me about the games that you. 

Chris:    So Friday night I took my wife, we went to a bunch of games together all the time when we lived in San Francisco back when we were both without kids and being able to go out and have a bunch of drinks the game and have a great time splash mountain. We decided to do the same thing for this game. And uh, we got a babysitter, which is our rare to you. Anyone that has kids knows how precious and treasure those nights are. We went to the game and had several drinks and enjoy the giants. Score six runs in one inning. I think that's a record for them this season for the most in an ending, which was just awesome to see. 

Benjamin:    That was Mac Williamson's first game of the season and he had a bomb, didn't he? 

Chris:    You crushed the two run homer, so it's pretty awesome to see that happen and I've been pro him for a few years now. I just want to see those young guys to play and see what they can do over a full season as opposed to just come up for 100 at bats and move on, which they've done with every different young left fielder they've had on the roster for the. Since Barry bonds basically. 

Benjamin:    So it's Friday night, you're having a couple drinks. You bring your wife with you. You go to the ballpark. The giants are crushing bombs. Love is in the air. Friday night works out real well. Tell me about your experience on Saturday with your son. 

Chris:    Yeah, so I took my three year old Roman to the gym or sitting right down the left field line, second row, so I kind of knew there'd be a possibility that we're going to have some balls hit our way. 

Benjamin:    Is he paying attention at three years old or what's this work or you've just chasing them around the park. 

Chris:    So he was able to sit down the whole time. It was at 6:00 you. She goes to sleep at 7:30. Is it a short nap? Earlier that day. So I was expecting the worst going into the game plan with fire, but I know he loves hot dogs and popcorn and pretzels, so I knew I had that going for him in. Got it out all the areas the night before and saw that there had to land in the parks. I knew that was going to be the whole way the game to kind of keep them going so I knew I could get him in a good mood, but I don't think he watched really any of the game being the second row down the left field line. It's a pretty low angle for him, so he was just kind of looking around at everything that it was kinda good to bring him and got him an angel dog when we got there. 

Chris:    So that lasted about one to two innings. So that lasted about six or seven minutes. I knew that they would shut the water off on splash mountain at the angels were to hit a home run and I knew he was absolutely love that. So secretly you're a giants fan hoping that they don't do that, but as a parent you're hoping, OK, let's go into some home runs here to keep him entertained and in the mood. So if we're going to go down, let's go down to hard. Sure enough, throughout hits a home run, which would hit one the night before the shoot the kids off and they shoot all the pyrotechnics, all the fires getting shot up in the air a few times and a couple of fireworks go off. So he was comped on that. So it was good to see that. It's pretty cool thing that they do there because I've been sitting in center field at all, which I still think it's Kinda cool to be able to sit in the stands and potentially catch a home run ball, but that part basically it doesn't really allow that unless you're in right field. 

Chris:    So the hot dog on a home run lasted two innings and she was definitely getting attempted by the constant vendors rolling by us with the popcorn and cotton candy and the kettle corn, so I was hoping those guys would stop coming my way, but I finally gave in and got him a bag of kettle corn and he started mowing that down for a whole nother inning and how to put the brakes on that. Fortunately otherwise it would've been a very short and I have been miserable car ride home. So. So who was more expensive? Your wife with the drinks or your son with a kettle corn and the hot dogs. All the wife with the 24 ounce beers we're ordering for probably had for those each so that we're not a cheap night advantage. Yep. Gamer Babes at our best. But at least you got to take on the plastic cups that came in. 

Chris:    So they go. Anyway. Saturday was great. The kettle corn lasted long enough for us to go and get a yogurt and we did that on the little tabs and come back down and write and we sit back down. That cleaned the cap off us to take it home and put next to his giant one. And like I said it I knew of potentially come our way. And sure enough justin upton, it's worn down the line. It kicks off the wall. At that point I knew that I was going to get the bog and there's dozens of people all around me. But I knew it was gonna happen cause it kicks off the walls to Matt Williamson. But they brought him up and it turns out he saw the six seven guy in the giant hat and decided that's who I'm throwing the ball to. A giant shirt had a giant hat on and being six, seven with extremely long arms. 

Chris:    I'm definitely have an advantage over probably every single other friend who was at that game and hands like baseball gloves. So you weren't gonna drop the thing. I went commando and embedded that boy, the guy sitting two seats over from me. You had a glove try to grab it. I snagged it right over him like he was even there, which is pretty great. And Roman was cycling. Does he think he's going to get a ball every time he goes to the game. So he's sitting down and everyone around us starts booing. There were like some little girls sitting in front of us. I think people probably thought I should have handed it to them and I turn around and hand it to wrong and then everyone goes, you know, ah. So it was pretty pleased and he was pretty pumped on that and took a couple pictures and he's having a good time with that and throws the ball to activities, like throwing a bunch of times just pretty funny. And then this is like, oh, I want another one. And I said, don't get used. This video will happen a few other times in your life, depends on certain games you go to, but basically his first name and he gets the ball. So the bar has been raised extremely high. 

Benjamin:    You know, I've, I've gone to hundreds of giants games in my entire life and I've never caught a foul ball. Have you ever caught one before? 

Chris:    That's the third one I've gone. 

Benjamin:    Have you ever actually caught one like that was in the field of planned? Somebody tossed it to you ever catch one that was actually hit? 

Chris:    Well the first time I'd gone to a ball. I just dislocated my job in my nfl career who had just come to an end, so huge bummer, but I'm in the front row of the club level. It tends to depart and Jose Cruz Jr pops one back off of curt schilling and it hits the Front of the club level and just kind of sits on there and that kind of rolls down and I grabbed that one. So that was my first ball with a previous girlfriend. Maybe three or four girlfriends go, 

Benjamin:    who shall not be named, 

Chris:    so lizard to my second time getting a foul ball and spring training in Scottsdale and the giants were just crushing the rockies. It's like 18 to [inaudible] or something and we're sitting on the right field line and it's all metal bleachers out there and the ball gets hit. Lefty a, I think it was Chad Santos, I think he came up or maybe a little bit that season, one of the lesser known first based and that they've had anything. He gets in front of a curve ball and lines that right off. I'd say no to 20 feet to the left of us and there was absolute screamer. Unfortunately another girlfriend I was with at the time, the ball hits the bleachers. It takes a hard line, hits her in her left thigh and then goes up and hits her in her right arm and then bounces and I grab it and it was her birthday. She gets to black and blue marks on her leg and went under. Or fortunately I was able to grab the ball and no one else got it, but I think they probably would have felt sorry for her and gave it to her. But did you keep it or did. She was funny as I gave it to her and then when we broke up she gave me the ball back. 

Benjamin:    Uh, well I guess that's nice in a. It sounds like it wasn't meant to be. 

Chris:    You get hit twice by a ball on your birthday like you do. The relationship was doomed. 

Benjamin:    True. My Dad was sitting, I think it was first base side and Aja presents ski, fouled one off and it was just like a frozen rope and it hit him in the chest. He had a black and blue mark that went from his shoulder to his navel, it turned yellow, purple, green, blue. It was just very clear that Aa presents gay was not going to be popular in the Shapiro household and probably not for very many giants fans. 

Chris:    Sorry. 

Benjamin:    The closest I ever got, I went up to go to the bathroom or get some food once in a foul ball, hit off my chair as I was walking down the stairs and the guy one row in front of us. Got It. So 

Chris:    I've always wanted to pull the hat off 

Benjamin:    and snag a ball that way because I think that'd be so cool to do. Yep. So tell me about the third game. You got realm and through the second one. And then he actually got to go watch some baseball. That was a pretty interesting game. 

Chris:    That was definitely a, it was a DJ and so it's pretty much a scorcher out there. Second part of the game where you get to see a brandon [inaudible] 21 pitched marathon when you're at the park, uh, you feel this way whenever you go to a game as opposed to when you're watching at home is really aren't aware of stats and kind of things that are going on. You're telling me, you know, you're watching the game and paying attention, but you're really not getting informed by all the little things. You're not sitting with twitter in front of you would like to be on my phone to do the idiot that got hit by the ball while holding his phone, so cause panic catalog bell just went on the marathon and after the meeting was over and check twitter and see that it was a major league record because I knew it was a long at bat and condos, probably 90 degrees and the seats were nice and he did from the sun and so you're just getting cooked on, on both ends and just kind of waiting for that bat to end. It's too bad that he popped out. I think the hitters usually have a pretty good chance of getting hits. Usually the longer it goes, but didn't happen from there. And I don't think the transit score that they got the bases loaded and Longoria popped up and then Santa Ball and article despite himself swinging too hard or something. But, uh, 

Benjamin:    that's the most brandon belt thing I've ever heard is [inaudible] pitch at bat. That results in and out. And the truth is, he's been hot lately and I think he leads the giants in home runs or close to it and no longer he up there as well. But the [inaudible] pitch, he's got a great eye, he's really a valuable player. And then of course he pops out and it's all for nothing. 

Chris:    I homered on Saturday and Sundays. 

Benjamin:    It's been hot lately between him and Williamson. Among Gorrie was hot for a little while to the power back. Big Time. Let's just wrap up the angel series. You saw trout, you saw pools, you saw a tawny. Any takeaways from watching the angels? 

Chris:    Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I mean that guy's hands down. The best player in baseball. I mean he's so good. The home run and you hit on Sunday was like a laser and if they didn't have the fans in right field went under the scoreboard, probably. 

Benjamin:    I feel bad for the person that caught that one. His girlfriends definitely breaking up with him. 

Chris:    Oh yeah, for sure. We got to pool home or on Saturday, so he had six, 19. It's Kinda interesting watching him play now as opposed supposed when I was living in San Francisco and watching bonds kind of at the end of his career there. They're very similar where they were the top player in the game for several years. Constant mvps or top five in BP voting. Now you're basically just watching them for the milestones. Here is almost a 3000 hits. Thinking about maybe going to a game next week if he could not get that would be kinda cool to see. But I've been telling all the angel fans on here. I'm like, it's just like watching barry bonds, but you have mike trout under tim. The future's bright as opposed to once bonds gets out of here, we can get rid of all the old veterans that he wants surrounded with him and kind of move this team and a young direction. So 

Benjamin:    did you see him? Petra? Was He [inaudible] 

Chris:    it was supposed to pitch on Sunday. The angels can rent out the previous Sunday so his star got pushback when they're doing a sixth man or tuition and he pretty much has been pitching every Sunday. Usually at home, so they bumped him back so it's kind of a bummer not to go see that, but she did on Friday, got two hits. I think Saturday he went one for four, but it struck out three times. They looked terrible striking out those times and then I played Sunday so 

Benjamin:    he's got a funky swing. 

Chris:    Pretty much looks like each and some of those other players that have come over 

Benjamin:    the home run hitter is a power hitter. 

Chris:    I think the three home runs in three days, but I'm doing done anything since then, but it's not a pretty sight back. Williams and that's for sure. I'm going to ask you about for so long. I was so glad to see him just crush the ball and got. She went head first into the bullpen on a. What was that? Tuesday night? 

Benjamin:    Yeah, Tuesday or Wednesday. So do you think that he's hot now? Do you think there's something to the change in his swing or is this just a little uptick and he goes back to being back Williamson. 

Chris:    They fixed the swing it more. Slight upper cut in this and I'm going to send home runs and tore the cover off the ball and spring training, did everything he possibly could to make the team and didn't make it. And then obviously it was a lightened up the Pacific league and now finally got the chance and he's been hard ever since. I think he didn't play because of that possible concussion or whatever it was two days ago. But hopefully you can get back in the lineup against the dodgers here cause definitely loved to win three or four guns. 

Benjamin:    So it's going to be interesting to see what the lineup looks like at the end of the year. It looks like he might be the person that takes over for pence. Uh, we'll see what pencil looks like when it comes back off the DL. We're sitting at two games under 500. We're going to end up with six starting pitchers, a million outfielders. Uh, what do you think is the projection for the rest of the year and who do you think is gonna be on the team and contributing? 

Chris:    I think they're kind of looking like my earliest pre-season production wins. I think this team can sustain. I mean, God, sorry, I saw him pitch on Sunday, was hoping he could have possibly thrown a no hitter. I again know his through five and then to the 61 up so isn't solid, but if the teams are gonna win, I mean I think that could probably get some pretty good thesis for him if they were able to move him. 

Benjamin:    I was actually thinking that they would try to move some unlike block or maybe even stratton because they're younger pitchers and they're just try to reload for the farm system and I would love to see them try to move some Marcia, but he's got like a seven run era right now. 

Chris:    You looked at us. We're pretty good on Friday. When I saw him in his first start, 

Benjamin:    he got annihilated yesterday. 

Chris:    Then just lit up against what? He goes against the Mike Trout and strikes him out twice and try and got a hit off of him. But his shuts down some of the better players in the game. And then Washington kind of takes it to him pretty good. But here's what the number three star [inaudible] probably more like a four or five strat and looks awesome. Block looks great. I mean Bumgarner we'll be back. [inaudible] looking just unworldly. 

Benjamin:    They're going to end up with six starting pictures when bumgarner comes back and then questions, who do you take out of the lineup? But you just throw a block in the bullpen. 

Chris:    I don't think they can do that. Things in baseball always seem to work themselves out in terms of someone else will probably get hurt when that time rolls around. And I think what's great now about baseball is and how that tended to yell, which is basically kind of like you're sucking, let's make up some kind of injury, mental to not steer you in front of you. Have a boo boo. Go sit down for 10 days. So I'm sure they'll tend to deal. Somebody comes back. But yeah, I definitely remember back 2010 when they win the world series. The whole outfield was all different from the starting opening day until the end. So you never know. There might be the guy who's on another team right now or who gets the Alpha by someone else who the giants pickup and kind of militarism. 

Benjamin:    I wouldn't be surprised if the end of the season outfield is mccutchin, dugger Williamson and I think the infield will probably stay the same barring injury, but who knows who's going to be in the starting rotation and the bullpen obviously is going to adjust a little when will smith comes back and in theory you should be getting a mark. Conan melkon never get his name right when Mylanta comes back, 

Chris:    never get it wrong because you haven't heard his name called. 

Benjamin:    It was the first episode of this podcast. I kept calling him, mark counted and my dad was like, it's Atlanta, and I'm like, no, it's marketing and it's like now it's [inaudible] in. But he pitched like three games that I saw last year and I watched a fair amount of baseball. That's a tough one for me. 

Chris:    Well, tell your watson awesome isn't so great. Tony Watson has got some. Javier Lopez is better than when Javier was going really good. He was untouchable, more of a leftist specialist. Watson's going to ride this out too. 

Benjamin:    Yeah, and strickland hasn't been terrible. I. He's blown a couple of saves, but you know, he's holding down the end of the bullpen. Dyson's been a huge disappointment. 

Chris:    I just picked it up. This is just pretty terrible and in is not doing grid and the rest of the guys aren't that good, but if we'll come back and return to the forum that he was, that it could be set up pretty good. 

Benjamin:    I think the reason for optimism is in theory you could be getting to have the best arms in your bull pen back. You're going to get your best starting pitcher back and you might have just called up your best outfielder because God knows mcwilliams in has had more of a contribution so far this year than Andrew mccutchen, but if he starts hitting lookout, we might actually hit the 500 mark maybe in a couple of games over. 

Chris:    John was on a contract here, so it's got to be so motivated here. 

Benjamin:    I think he's just settling in and he's going to be fine. At the end of the year he's going to hit to 70 or something, but he's so low right now. That means he's going to have to hit 300 for a good portion of the year to make it up and I'm looking forward to those days. Hopefully catch one of those games up here 

Chris:    going. It's going to be him as opposed to some of those other guys who have outfielders currently on the roster. 

Benjamin:    All right, so give us the last good story on our way out before we let you go. 

Chris:    So getting back to kind of being a parent, bringing her childhood kind of connection established and I can remember my dad took me, so a card show in Fresno when I was a kid and we got to meet a mare shell. My Dad being a big dodger fan like is wasn't like overly thrilled to talk to him and this is my 19th year, so this is even before he was in the hall of fame and bring it on the card show when we had to pay I think five bucks each to go down or something. No one was around him, no one's trying to get his autograph, which were kind of, didn't really know why no one was talking to him, but uh, my dad goes up and starts talking to him about some of the games he used to watch when he was a kid and introduced me to him and I was wearing all my giant stuff from my first little league team, so it's kind of cool and talking to him for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. And then at the end of it, my dad asked, my son got an autograph and he said that'll be $20. And uh, my dad being a, a man of principle, probably a dodger fan contributing to that, you know, pass thanks to the stories and good luck to you and we'll be on our way 

Benjamin:    on Shell. $20 a autograph. Roman gets a baseball page, gets a couple of drinks. The giants take two or three from the angels. And that's a wrap for today's show. Our plan is to do this every week. So if you want more giants baseball on your podcast feed, click that subscribe button. Also, we're just getting started, so we'd love for you to give us a rating in the apple itunes store or send us any You could visit our website now. You can also find us on twitter, [inaudible] btf were on Instagram, and we just launched a facebook page as well. Just search [inaudible] and you'll find us in your social networks thanks to our friends at fanatics. If you're going to go buy your giants gear, go to [inaudible] dot com slash giants, or you can just click the link in the show notes to this episode, and fanatics will kick us a couple of bucks to help produce this show. That's it for this time. Until next time, swinging a mess and that's it.