Giants Are Hitting, Dodgers Streak, What is Kershaw's ERA?

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Benjamin: Welcome back to the San Francisco Giants' addition of For The Fans By The Fans, a podcast where we bring you your weekly dose of all things San Francisco Giants baseball from the fan's perspective. I'm a lifelong Giants fan, and your host, Benjamin Shapiro. As the Giants hit in third place two games behind their streaking rivals in blue, we welcome back Andre Anderson. Andre is an e-commerce and digital marketing expert that grew up in Pasadena and now resides in San Francisco. And while he's a devoted Dodgers fan, we're happy to welcome him back to the podcast. But before we spend the next 30 minutes talking about how Clayton Kershaw's playoff ERA is 4.35, I want to remind you that this podcast is brought to you by Fanatics. Fanatics is the global leader in licensed sports merchandise. They have the world's largest collection of official sports apparel from the leagues, teams and players that you love. So if you want to buy a jersey of a pitcher with a career, two point one, one postseason era, you can find a Madison Bumgarner Jersey by clicking on the link in our show notes or by visiting And when you go through those links are friends at fanatics will kick us a couple of bucks because you have great taste in jerseys. That said, Andre, welcome back to the pod my friend. 

Andre: I am happy to be back. I think this is the third time in three months. 

Benjamin: So the third time, that's three times more than the dodgers have won a world series in the last 30 years. 

Andre: Of course. Yeah, that's a good man. You're going to throw that in my face within the first two minutes of the podcast. That's good for listenership, right? So that way, that hook. 

Benjamin: Okay. If you want to talk about something different, we could say you've been on the podcast three times. That's the equivalent amount of world series that the giants have won this deck. 

Andre: Okay. So it'd be like a liberal going on Fox News mean. Should I be surprised that I'm catching shit from you, a giant podcast, so bring it on. Bring it on. 

Benjamin: We are the identity politics of sports and we are proud to bleed black and orange 

Andre: Halloween colors yet. That said, 

Benjamin: if you want to talk about something different, we could talk about basketball. Did you happen to catch the Warriors Championship parade? 

Andre: Yeah, I didn't catch the parade. I heard that dream onto some pretty interesting things during the parade. As I've stated, I think the very first podcast, I have no beef with the warriors. In fact, I was hoping for a sweet because that would make it a clear path once. Say for Brian to come to Los Angeles. Yes. Two homes in La, so it makes sense for him to play in Los Angeles. Helpless. Reestablished and restarting the order because this is our conference by the way, so daddy's going to come home. So squeeze out your third championship. Get that three p because in about three or four years the Lakers, we'll be back because my prediction, 

Benjamin: that's a lot of talk from a team that won 25 games this year, maybe 30, 

Andre: no five games. 

Benjamin: Congratulations. We've won that many playoff games in the last two years. 

Andre: I don't need to remind you how many championships with. I don't need to remind you as a 44 year old man. Only six times have we missed the playoffs in my lifetime, so let's not go there. Let's go back to your measly three championships at baseball. 

Benjamin: Our measly three championships in four years and the highest winning percentage of any team over a four year span and the best playoff winning percentage in a four year span. But yes, let's talk. Basically 

Andre: I'm trying to bring it back for your podcast that you. 

Benjamin: I appreciate it. I appreciate it. So happy to talk baseball and we've had some shakeup in the lineups teams have been getting hot and moving around specifically. Well, the dodgers and the giants have started to play a little bit better the last time we talked. I think the dodgers were around eight games under 500. There are three games over right now and in the same span the giants have gone from five games under and got all the way back to a couple of games over and then obviously had a disastrous series against the Marlin. So we're sitting at Gamer or two below 500. Now let's talk a little bit about the dodgers. What has changed that's driven you from eight games under two, three games over and 11 games swing in the standings. 

Andre: I Know Bill Simmons has this thing called the next day got better. I don't know if the rule is with the daughters as it relates to Clayton Kershaw, but that guy is on the disabled list and then here we are and this happened last year, by the way, when we had that magnificent Ryan over the summer in route to the pennant, I think we went like 49 and 12 or almost two months span, so I think it's that some fresh blood or pumping in a lot of folks in from the minor leagues or Aaa and all the fans out there. Recall from the last podcast was on with Ben, I said that same thing. I'm like, you know what, we need to shake up the middle relief and what if we're hurt and pitching, and I was really around the middle relief with a couple of mini starters back five of our starting rotation. I said, bring them up from AAA. What do we have to lose? We're now eight games under and that's what's been going on. We got rid of bias. Pedro Baez, the heartburn that just won't go away is gone. He was optioned out about a couple of weeks ago, so I think it's adding in that fresh blood and some fresh facts because Justin Turner hasn't exactly been healthy but have again back is definitely been a plus. So my two minute ramble there, I'd say that would be among the reasons why we've swung back, 

Benjamin: just looking at the standings and of course as a giants fan, I'm sitting here looking at being like, who in the hell is Max Muncie? Why is he leading? The team in home runs, got 13. Homer's never even heard of the guy and rob sterling turns out as your best pitcher. Who the hell is that guy is struggling and I don't care. Who the hell is he? Where do you get these guys? 

Andre: I'll tell you why, and I said this and the previous podcasts that Alex would was our go to guy last and he could do no wrong. Well he's wrong this year. I think he's records like one in six, one in five and its era. It's flirting around five 

Benjamin: one and five with a four point four. Three era and a whip 

Andre: yet. So he ain't getting it done when you guys come into Los Angeles this weekend. It's me, my favorite hillbilly mad bomb going up against strip length and I like our odds on that pitching duel, but it's anyone's guess who's gonna Pitch Tonight and Sunday because everyone's heard primary river. You don't want to hear about me. Complainant, about yours or hers. Let me throw it a little sorta. Yeah. So I know you don't want to hear me cried about our injuries, but we lost her again. Who the hell knows what happened to Rachel? The blisters that won't go away. So it's been a random assortment of genes from aaa that's been carrying the team from a pitching standpoint. 

Benjamin: So it's just been the pitching has rebounded and that's why the team is performing better. Is the hitting getting any better consistency. What's the deal? 

Andre: Dropping bombs. I don't know where the offense of power is coming from. We're fifth in the league in runs and I think for that one month span from May to mid June, I think we were leading the national league and home run. So between Muncie Turner coming back and of course you're overlooking Matt camp who's having an NBP. Okay. When we win the division, as Dave Roberts rightly called, I think this guy's going to get the MVP. 

Benjamin: I think we need a second sound effects sorta sound effect. And then there's the Matt Kemp. 

Andre: What can it be? Rihanna? 

Benjamin: Yeah. Matt camp. Not exactly a giants fan favorite. Probably in the top five of the Anti Mount Rushmore for giants fans, at least in the last couple of decades. Hitting 3:35 has 41 rbis, 10 home runs plan consistently playing everyday with a war of one point eight. Leading the team. I mean, come on, you're killing me. Let's say he's pulling a Pablo sandoval where he's coming back and actually getting back to the team that he should be on and starting to produce. 

Andre: He belongs here. I have to say when what's the kids name out of Milwaukee? Beat him out for the MVP. Braun, the cheater. I forget what year that was. His productivity went down and we had to trade map camp. We are Grendel and return with a couple of other options from the padres. I think being relegated to the padres. It's kind of like the Premier League, right? He was the dodgers, but then anytime you have to go played for the padres, are you really playing in the major leagues? So maybe that was a fresh air perspective for my man. Madcap. He's been on fire this year. He actually had a good year last year too. So let's be honest, 

Benjamin: Matt Camp Wasn't playing for the padres. He was playing for the cheeseburger and a lot of weight. He got back into shape this year. He got to La. He's not breaking down like he has for the last couple of years and all of a sudden his performance has taken back. Like I said, he's pulling up Pablo Sandoval, Pablo hitten to 71 for Jack's 21 rbis, playing all over the diamond and woodlawn. Gloria breaking his fingers hand last week. We're going to see a lot more. Pablo Sandoval in the lineup. Does that make you shiver? 

Andre: No, I was going to go. Yay. 

Benjamin: And telling you man. Pablo is back where he should be. He's back at home. He's going to have a good season. He's going to play a lot and he's going to be productive. Just watch out. 

Andre: Going back to your question, helped with the turnaround I think with camp and then. Yeah, maximizing coming out of nowhere actually jog Peterson's batting above that Mendoza line. Which surprises the hell out of me. Yeah. Kinda his batch woken up and I cannot wait for him to face the hillbilly on Saturday, but there's again, Justin Turner has been dropping bombs to, I think we're starting to gain a little bit more rhythm from our guys and coating bellenger though has been the big disappointment. Batting stance needed some help and he was pulled for some games, but Dave Roberts, because of his lack of hustle and focus and he's regained it somehow. And here we are. Two Games above you guys. 

Benjamin: You know, we've been close and I think we retired until the Marlin series and I'm looking at the team batting stats. If we compare the two teams, the dodgers are batting a team to 45 batting average. They're fifth in the league. The giants are batting two 61. They're down to 18th in the league. Uh, in terms of the power numbers. The dodgers with 86 home runs there. Seventh and league giants was 72. They're 18. So it looks like you guys are sort of beating us in the pitting stats. If we look at the pitching stats, any guesses? Who's better? We are hands down the giants. Pitching is terrible. The dodgers have an era of three point eight, six their 10th in the league and the giants are four point two six. The truth is what's happening with the giants as the team has been hitting much better. 

Benjamin: Couple of key call ups. The Allen Henson's come out of nowhere to be a replacement second baseman. Now he's playing a little third. He's played shortstop, guys hitting like 3:30 or something ridiculous. He's got some pop. He's been a big spark. Pence has come back and it's been a little bit more productive. His batting average went from one 70. He's above 200 and he's only been back for a couple of weeks. Williamson came back, so hopefully there's a little bit more pop in the outfield. Pablo Sandoval hitting up to 70 after a slow start. Mccutcheons coming along. We've been hitting the ball. Our starting pitching has been a certified train wreck and you got a couple of young starters with Chris Stratton, swarez and then we have a Yvonne Rodriguez, his son that came up, Derek Rodriguez, looks like he could be a player, so we're looking at a couple of young starters and you get the bucking Bronco, Madison bumgarner coming off the dl and he's going to be super ornery in the next art because he got thrown out of a game for the first time in the last game. Just get ready for some snot. Rockets and some angry sweat coming out of Madison Bumgarner in this next gay am I. I would bet on him having a real good game and quite [inaudible] not far behind. So we're getting our horses back and it looks like the young pitchers can continue to play and we get our established arters back. The team can hit giants. Got a shot. Pitching has been good, but we're not far out of it, so 

Andre: I'm very happy about panic, panic and I say that in jest because guys always been a good hitter. He came in looking like he can be a career, 300 hitter, but he's not having a great year, so I'm happy with that. Very happy with Evan Longoria having a broken hand. He's out for a good six to eight weeks. Super excited about that. I'm very excited about Andrew mccutchen realizing that he's Andrew mccutchen and he's past his prime. I love that platoon. Between him and hunter pants being unproductive in the right field. So 

Benjamin: how do you feel about the dodgers for the rest of the season? What do you think the prognosis is for your team? 

Andre: Well, at first kind of point out that while he's on the upswing with his batting and contribution to the team, he's only two, maybe three superduper cheeseburgers away from being the panda that I want to come back, which is fat slow and that envelope the Mendoza line. So I'm really praying for that. But to answer your question, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm like our chances these guys have been scrapping and then finding a way to win that series that we had against the Texas Rangers. Well, it was a two game series. It was great in terms of how they battled through that second game. Now I don't know, battling through is the best term to describe facing a team. That's I think in last place in the division in reference to the Rangers, but that's when divisions you're winning series and the doctors have been winning. I could make one like the last five or six series. 

Andre: So I like wearing. This is trending. I'm still worried about our pitching overall. So the last time I came on board on your podcast, I was talking about like how are really pitching soc two and what the exception of course of Janssen being. Okay. I still think we need to find his understudy for Jansen's that when we can have another alternative when he gets worn down in September because I think that's going to happen. But also that middle relief we got rid of Pedro Baez, which that guy gave me nightly heartburn. So, um, he was released. He was designated for an assignment, but similar to what I've seen with the giants and they're young arms maybe have walker Buehler who's been a phenom. Come on board. 

Benjamin: Bueller? 

Andre: Bueller? Nonstop ponds, right? Yep. So of course your boy Ross Strip mine alex would and having a good season. My eight, I just came off the disabled list. And then Kershaw is gonna do his thing. Getting hurt middle early part of the season. I think it's a stealth way to put them on the shelf until July. So the way things are going then I like our chances. I really do. 

Benjamin: And how do you feel about the giants or you think we're going to be. 

Andre: So the three games series we have coming up. I know this sounds Cliche, you know whenever Ryan was meet throughout all the here is blah blah blah, but I just think you guys always get up for us. You always do. And especially when we come to phone booth park or Att Park up here in San Francisco I think, but marquis matchup will be stripling versus my boy mad bob, my favorite hillbilly. So that's gonna be an interesting match up on Saturday, but I have no idea who's going to be in the rotation for against you guys on Sunday. And because we have a wide cast of characters coming through on the starting pitching side, I have no idea who's pitching tonight. Actually, I guess I can pull it up on Google, but you guys can easily take two to three or it can be a sweep for us. 

Benjamin: The funny thing for us is that there's a lot of parallels between what's happening with injuries in the starting rotation, bringing up some youth and starting to rebound about the same time. And I'm not super optimistic about this giant team. I've said since the beginning of the season that we're 500 team, maybe a couple games over. I still think that still holds true on the flip side, the last couple of weeks, even though they had that down series in Miami this week, have given me reason to be optimistic. Deep lineup. They're cultivating some depth with Alan Hansen, Gorkys Hernandez coming in, being hot and Williamson both come and better. 

Andre: What 

Benjamin: Gorky case. He's been our starting center fielder for most of the year. He's bad. About two 89. Got some pop, got about seven home runs. He's been a solid defensive players on the team for a couple of year. He was our fifth outfielder, but a young guy and starting to mature and I hope he takes over at center field and then you're getting contributions from Pablo Sandoval who think I mentioned earlier, he's hitting to 70 Longoria is going to be on the shelf for awhile. 

Andre: Anyone who lives in San Francisco superduper fantastic local change and there's one right down the street, my office and not too far from a PAC bell part. I know problem knows where it is. 

Benjamin: Yeah. Yeah. The truth is his favorite restaurant in the city is limone, which is another chain which is Peruvian food and after the 2012 world series, me and my buddy Adam googled pablo sandoval, his favorite restaurant, found some sort of article covering it and we went to Limo for the first time and ordered probably $200 worth of food and just gorge ourselves, but good spot. Also [inaudible] favorite eatery. So you know, can't be very healthy. 

Andre: I've been there a few times. See the chicken so good. 

Benjamin: So look, Pablo has been contributing and weight jokes aside. He's been a valuable part of the team and helped us get some depth and I played first and played 30, played second, he's pitched when Longoria is going to be on the shelf, so we're going to see a little bit more of him and hey, they have branded belt that's coming back to and he's been the best hitter on the team so far this season. So reason to be optimistic about the lineup and then when we look at the pitching, it's been a certified disaster in the starting rotation. They basically been starting there third through eighth starters this year and all the sudden had shaken out and you look like you've got some rookies who potentially can be competitive with stratton, who's been consistent pretty much all year long. You brought up Derek Rodriguez from the miners, Ivonne Rodriguez, his son. 

Benjamin: He's had some good starts. He's got three competitive, I think three quality starts coming out of the miners, so hopefully that sticks around. And then Suarez, who's been a rookie and been pitching a fair amount, starting to build a little bit more consistency and go farther into games and hey, you're going to get quite old, back to Bob Gardiner is going to get routed to form. So at the end of the day, we're a couple of games over 500 at the end of the year, maybe around 500. But there is a chance for this team to turn into something real. If those starting pitchers from the miners turn into qualified major starters, 

Andre: I want to hear about it anymore. And if you don't do anything in 2018, it's over forever. Here about your three and five years until I die, whatever. 

Benjamin: I think if they make the playoffs, you're still going to hear even your stuff because they didn't make the playoffs and they took the cubs deepen that series. And if it wasn't for the bullpen implosion, you would have been looking at Johnny Cueto in an elimination game. Giants fans feel like the cubs got away from that one, got away lucky because the bull pen exploded. So you never know. You get them to the playoffs, this team knows how to win the playoffs. They have championship blood and would you want to see Madison Bumgarner in the playoffs? 

Andre: Otherwise I don't want to see, but if we ended up with my dream scenario, because I'm not afraid to face the giants in the playoffs, but if that were to ever happen, oh my God, and it came down to it and that gap between him and my boy Yasiel Oh my God, that would be magnificent. 

Benjamin: We'll take it any day. We ain't scared of Yasiel. 

Andre: Somebody all pouty and I want the fcl on Saturday to come in there and do a little shimmy. Shake that ass a little bit in the batter's box and then just stare. Stare at old. Just get his head a little bit. Get thrown out. Again, 

Benjamin: be careful if you let the bull out of the cage. I'm telling you, you don't want that fury. 

Andre: It gets under his skin. It's gonna. Rattle this head a little bit. He's already been out. So if I was Dave Roberts, I wouldn't play little games with the Omad. Madam. 

Benjamin: We got. We got bummed gardener, we got dodgers, we got giants, we've got a competitive race in the nlst and we got a lot of baseball still to play. So that wraps up this episode of the for the fans by the fans podcast. Our plan is to do this every week, so if you want more giants baseball on your podcast feed, click the subscribe button. Also, since we're just getting started, we'd love for you to give us a rating in the apple itunes store or send us any questions you can find us at for the fans by the, or you can do the short version. Just go to You can also find us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Our handle is FTFBTF. Thanks to our friends at Fanatics. If you're going to go buy your giants gear, click on the link in our show notes or go to [inaudible] dot com slash fanatics, and our friends at fanatics will kick us a couple of bucks to help produce this show. Giants dodgers this weekend. Let's go g men, bring it home and until next time, swing and a miss and that's it.