McCLUTCHen, LonGONEia, Pitching Injuries, & Senior Moments

As the Giants sit at one game below .500 and head to San Diego, we welcome back Dolph Shapiro to the pod. Dolph is retired Orthopedic surgeon, volunteer at-risk youth counselor, and Brooklyn Dodger turned San Francisco Giants fan.

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Episode Transcript

Benjamin:            Welcome back to the San Francisco giants addition to for the fans by the fans podcast where we bring you your weekly dose of all things, San Francisco Giants, baseball. From the fans perspective, I'm a lifelong Giants fan and your host, Benjamin Shapiro, the giant sit at 500 and head to San Diego. We welcome back Dr Shapiro to the podcast. Dolphin is a retired orthopedic surgeon, volunteer at risk youth counselor, and a Brooklyn dodger turned San Francisco giants fan. He also happens to be the man who taught me four of the five tools of baseball. He's my dad, but before my dad recants us with stories about me not listening to his instructions on how to hit a baseball. I want to tell you that this podcast is sponsored by our friends at Fanatics. Fanatics is the global leader in licensed sports merchandise. They have the world's largest collection of official sports apparel from all the leagues, teams and players you love.

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Dolph:                     Help us by buying equipment from.

Benjamin:            All right? All right, we got it. So Dad, welcome back to the for the fans by the fans podcast. How are you doing

Dolph:                     well, I'm a little disappointed. We were only at 500. I'm having fun into three games and it's still so much fun to go out to that ballpark.

Benjamin:            So before we start talking about your experience at the park so far this year, I want to give you your chance to get your shots in this morning. We talked about the time that you tried to give me some instructions to hit a baseball in the middle of a little league game. Why don't you start off by telling us that story.

Dolph:                     I forgot the exact situation, but I do remember telling you to hold your better pyre and you looked at me and said, are you the coach? No, I'm not the coach. And you said, well then don't tell me what to do. That was it. It was like when I said I'll help you with your homework, and you said thanks, but no thanks. So you were on your own from the time you were like two years old. I couldn't tell you anything.

Benjamin:            So just for the record, for everyone listening, this was in middle of an at bat,

Dolph:                     like the count was two and two. I had already been at the place. People are whizzing baseballs. He left and right. I was probably 12 years old playing in Little League and my dad starts shouting from the stands for me to lift my bat up and the way that he tells the story. Of course it's this like instructional moment. It was the middle of an at bat. Anyway, I'll let you go on this one, dad, because I want to tell the story about my dad trying to install the google hangouts plug in so we can have this podcast. It's now for 10. We were supposed to record this podcast at 3:30. It took us a full 40 minutes to describe how to open two tabs at once. So Dad, in terms of following instructions, let's just say maybe it's something that both of us could work on.

Dolph:                     Right? So let's talk baseball. You said you went to a couple games, tells how many games have you been to so far this year? To three games, which games were not opening day? So the game following Arizona game, which we won the game, so we'll call it a senior moment, but I remember it was the giant playing. That's good and I was able to go to gloves to find the game. I'm happy to hear that you got home. So we're 11 games into the season. The team sits at five and six. We've split a two series with the dodgers. The home opener down in Los Angeles. We split our home opener with one games canceled, split with the mariners, and we lost our series at the diamond backs. How do you feel so far about how their teams performed? We need help, I think help us on the way they need like several orthopedic for their pitching staff.

Dolph:                     Are you free? It's ridiculous. So you have to be pleased at least with the styling. Pitching. And I was OK with the bullpen until yesterday and, and giving up several runs. It was fun to watch mccutcheon in the last couple of games, so I'm pleased with that. You know what they're calling them Mclaren? Well, yeah, that's good for two games. What are they calling the third baseman? Garcia. Long Garnier, right. How long is contract for? Fourteen years. Well, we're in trouble with the belt in him. I'm not sure how we're gonna do, but no aside. Not Bad so far, but I'm not optimistic with this team. They're game below 500. They've lost their top three starting pitchers. Do you think they're ahead of pace related to your expectations or behind or where they should be? Probably where they should be. That's what they're going to be at the end of the season, considering how many injuries they've

Benjamin:            had so far. Losing the top three horses in the rotation. I, I am happy that they are close to 500 and I realized that Kwaito has got two starts in so we haven't really felt the repercussions there, but this to me could have been a horrendous start to the season and they were able to edge out a couple of close games, you know, a couple of one, nothing, uh, the Kershaw game and the beginning of the year. So count your lucky stars in my opinion.

Dolph:                     Yeah. But I'm very concerned. For example, with the way pence is playing, I have problems again with my favorite player at first base. I don't know how many strikeouts. Again, we're gonna look at when he's playing first. I expect to strike outs again. The way we're going.

Benjamin:            Well so far he's had 32 at bats official at on 14 strikeouts.

Dolph:                     Yeah, that's typical, isn't it?

Benjamin:            Yeah. He's first on the team and Crawford and Longoria both have 13 strike outs as well.

Dolph:                     Yeah. But I don't see like Crawford bedding to add, you know, I expect Crawford about to 60 and I don't think you could count on lung gory batting 1:32 or whatever. So we'll wait and see. But there's some holes there.

Benjamin:            So your big concern is hunter pants hitting a buck 94 and you're concerned about belt. Who's hitting [inaudible]? But it has the 14 strikeouts.

Dolph:                     Yeah. And assume pence doesn't do that well. And Crawford maintains the 2:50 to 60 average and belt is built with all these strikeouts and maybe hitting to 60 to 70. Well, what are you going to do with three hitters like the.

Benjamin:            Here's a question for you. Who has a higher batting average? Gregor Blanco?

Dolph:                     Uh, one of my old time favorite along with Pedro. For me?

Benjamin:            Yes. Block wherever. Laguardia Todd blog. No. Gregor Bunco batting 3:30 edging tie block batting to 50 over Longoria with a poultry [inaudible]. Batting average. Yeah. But [inaudible] in a home run tie block. It got his head off of Kershaw. Of course. He's the only guy who can hit off apparently, apparently. So talk to me about your experience at the ballpark. You mentioned you went to the second game of the season, opening day weekend. Did you plan to go to that game or how'd you get in?

Dolph:                     Oh, it's a funny story. I have a friend who used to be a patient of mine and through him I met his brother and the brothers. Wonderful family. And your mom and I were walking. Wait,

Benjamin:            it was opening day. I forgot. Did you go to the first and the second game and that's the mystery game we were missing. They played two games against the mariners. You went to both of them. I knew. I forgot something. I knew you went to opening day.

Dolph:                     This is what happens when you're almost 75. So you're walking down the street. It's opening day. You'll bump into your buddy and I'm in some ammo most and I see this fellow and he says, Hey doc, how are you? I said, Joe, Hey, do you have my ticket? Kidding around. And I'm with him. He says, all you want to go the game they sent. Why? Nurse to opening day? He says, hold on, he takes his phone, he calls someone and says, doc, we have a ticket for you, you'll buy a couple of beers for us. I said, sure. So I figured, OK, I'm going to go up and sit in the top deck. So we walk in and he takes me through the main gate and he says, oh, we're in section 1:15, 1:15. It's behind me and I'm a keep walking down and down and down and next thing you know I'm reaching for buster Posey, his wallet in the back pocket of Jersey.

Dolph:                     What did you do in a past life to deserve bumping into somebody on the street on opening day and they have the best ticket and the ballpark for you to sit there. I never sat in a seat like the. It was just unbelievable and not only that, they wouldn't let me treat them to drinks or anything treated me. So that was really something. It's too bad I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. I'm happy again. I don't want to remind you that they lost the last series to the diamond backs and Paul Goldschmidt destroyed us, like usual, but why did they pitch to the man they deserve it. They assume 10 months ago and was gone and that they could get them out now. I mean, this man is barry bonds against the giants. He's Super Barry Bonds. Let's not throw the word barry bonds around lightly.

Dolph:                     When ever you see that man walk to the plate, you don't even have to pitch for bulls. You'd tell him nice seeing your Paul go to first base, right outside of Paul Goldschmidt, gigantic forearms. Did you notice anything new at the park? What was the experience like? Nothing new. It's just a beautiful place to watch a game. It's so gorgeous and it's fun. The crowd's into it. We have great fancier. It's almost the sell out. It was amazing opening day with true expect, but it was just a fun time. So tell me, how do you think that the injuries are going to impact the team? Well, I don't know what's wrong with Quedo. They say it's a short deal. Somalia, they say he's gonna be back within a week and bomb with his finger. I suspect he'll be back within three weeks, so let's tap into your orthopedic surgeon experience.

Dolph:                     He broke his hand and I think it's his pinky finger on his pitching hand and they just moved him to the 60 day dl. What can we expect from recovering from an injury on pitching hand? I don't think it's a problem because he broke his fifth metacarpal from what I understand. And you don't pitch with the fifth digit, so even if he couldn't fully bended, it wouldn't affect his throwing. He broke his pinky finger and it's basically useless when you're thrown a baseball. Correct. Got It. Tell me a. we've seen the diamond backs. We've seen Los Angeles right now. The diamondbacks sit at nine and three, Colorado, six and seven giants. Five and six at La [inaudible] and the San Diego padres apparently have a baseball team there at foreign nine. How do you think the division is shaping up and where do you think the teams are going to lie as law is still the best team in the division?

Dolph:                     Arizona is a good team. You think they're making the playoffs? It'll either be Arizona, Colorado, and the dodgers. I don't know which. Two of the three. I haven't seen Colorado yet. I haven't really studied that much, but I think Arizona somewhat they've done so far. They're the real deal, so I see Arizona probably winning the division, the dodgers. He the second or third and the fourth forth. That's where I think it'll be all right. How do you feel about the young pitchers so far? Anybody? Any good? You know who I like is Holland for some reason. I mean he's always around the plate. I think he has good command. I'm just impressed with him, so I hope he can do a good job. He's not exactly a spring chicken. He's been around for a while. Yeah, 31 years old and has been in the majors for nine years.

Dolph:                     Yeah, I could see why you notice career areas close now. Well, put it this way, it's closer to seven than it is to three. Oh really? His career areas? Four point five. Seven. He's 69 wins and 66 losses. Like Somandra. He's an average pitcher or has been an average pitcher, but sort of the end of his career, he's nine years in. Sure. So he's just where I figure the giants are going to be. Yeah, he's a nice replacement as a middle of the road, fourth or fifth starter. Uh, how do you feel about stratton? But for us it's too early strategy. So I think strategy is the real deal. But who knows, what did he pitch four innings so I can't comment on that. And Suarez, I have no idea what elsewhere has got option to aaa this afternoon and they brought Holland backup. I think that's more that they just needed the roster spot.

Dolph:                     And so I. So I like Cohen, I don't know anything about Suarez. Who else making it get. They may be out there looking for a free agent. Last couple of questions for how you feel about the bullpen and he likes strickland as the closer. Yes. So far so good. He's got a nice new pitch. I mean I couldn't believe he's got a curve ball and it seems like he's got a change of pace. I don't know whether they call it a slider and off-speed pitch. He looks good. He only gave up. I think that bull, that Culture Myth, head office still hasn't come down yet. Don't know if they found it again. Strictly

Benjamin:            some credit that I think that he's improved as a pitcher. It looks like he did mix in a third pitch, apparently talked to John Smoltz and worked with him in the off season. But when he gives up a bomb, I mean it is

Dolph:                     nuclear. You know, if you knew this much in high school with the subjects, you wouldn't have been at Boston University. You would have been at Harvard while I was only a mile away from Harvard. You would close. They didn't have baseball as a subject. Very good.

Benjamin:            All right. On that note, any other last stories you want to tell?

Dolph:                     Well, to basketball story, I try to teach you a little about basketball. So I gave you 10 points from the time you were about six to 12 and I stood in the corner of the Virginia School Basketball Court and took shots from Nicola and every time it took a shot and hit it was Lamont Murray who was one of the cow players with Jason Kidd.

Benjamin:            Lamont Marie pro. Power forward. Yeah. Nineteen 93, 1994 cal bears for those you who are at bear fans

Dolph:                     and at the time I had a good shot. Don't forget this is 30 years ago, something like that and I know what we speak to you, but then when you hit I think 13 and you won your game and we used to drive there but you took the ball and ran home to tell your mother that you finally be me and you were jumping up and down so happy. And I think that was the last time that I beat you right before that game. So that's a good story. I never forget. We had some great times actually.

Benjamin:            Yeah, I think right around 13 I realized that you only had about two inches on me and I had probably 10 or 15 pounds in a little quick disadvantage, so we just took it down to the paint and took care of business and now that we're getting to the NBA playoffs, little a cross podcasts pollination. We'll let everybody go on a basketball story.

Dolph:                     Go bears game tonight against San Diego.

Benjamin:            All right. San Diego padres. Here we come. We're going to be OK. All right, that's a wrap for today's show. Uh, we plan to do this podcast every week. So if you want more giants baseball in your podcast feed, click the subscribe button. Also, since we're just getting started, we would love for you to rate this podcast in the apple itunes podcast or any other store and you could send us any questions at, for the fans by the We also have a twitter account that's f Taf, btf and an instagram where we upload some pictures about the giants. And, uh, we'll let you know when new podcasts come out. And thanks again to our friends at fanatics. If you're going to go buy your giants gear, go [inaudible], and our friends at fanatics will kick us a couple of bucks to help produce this podcast. Until next time swing and a miss, and that's it.