Ugly Dbacks Jerseys, Goldschmidt vs Timmy, Scottsdale Beer Prices

As the Giants sit at one game below 6-9 in 11th place in the National League after two series losses to Arizona and San Diego, we welcome my brother-in-law, Hugh Mulligan to the pod. Hugh is a freelance graphic designer, Founder of Gotschops woodworking studio, father of two and desert children, and an avid Arizona Diamondback fan.

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Episode Transcript

Benjamin:            Welcome back to the San Francisco giants addition to have for the fans, by the fans, a podcast where we bring you your weekly dose of all things, San Francisco giants, baseball. From the fans perspective, I'm a lifelong giants Fan and your host Benjamin Shapiro as the giant sit at six and nine in 11th place in the National League. After two series losses to Arizona and San Diego. We welcome in my brother in law, Hugh Mulligan, who is a freelance designer, founder of guts chop wood working studio, a father of two desert children, and an avid Arizona diamondbacks fan. But before hugh regales us with stories of 500 foot Paul Goldschmidt bombs, I want to tell you about the hat that I returned to our friends at fanatics. And you've been listening to this podcast. You know that fanatics is the global leader in licensed sports. Merchandise. Will you might not know is that they have a 365 day return policy.

Benjamin:            Unfortunately, the giants running hat that I bought last week was too small for my bruce bochy sized dome, but it's cool. Phonetics has my back and paid for the return shipping, even though I only bought a hat, so if you're looking to buy that dbx jersey, that looks dangerously close to saying d bags like my brother in law, you gotta, Fdm, etf dot [inaudible] slash phonetics, and they'll give us a couple of bucks as a kickback to help pay for the production of this show. That said, welcome to the pod Bro. Joe. Thanks man. I'm glad to be here. As we speak, the giants are playing the diamondbacks and it looks like it is still scoreless in the fourth inning.

Hugh:                       Yep. I got it on over here. I'm watching right now

Benjamin:            so no shots fired yet, but before we get started talking about baseball, I want to hear from somebody who's been a graphic designer and worked with professional sports teams on logo. How on Earth The dbx jerseys that look so much like they say, d bags on them gets green lighted. How does that happen?

Hugh:                       There's a lot of people involved in those decisions, but unfortunately the designers are at the bottom of the totem pole. Funny story about that. So the studio that I used to work for actually design those jerseys, not the current iteration I guess, but all the logos and branding so I can say I have a little insight into that, but it's basically like hurting a bunch of blind monkeys into the same room when you have those jokers in there trying to pick something. So

Benjamin:            be honest with me. Was it a joke at first? Probably

Hugh:                       knowing the studio that I was at for a little over six years, they're, you know, they could've very well done that as a joke just to amuse themselves. I doubt it, but it's possible.

Benjamin:            Yeah. Well it's one of those things that I would almost by that Jersey mockingly right. You know, it might actually be better than the world series, Arizona Jersey that had the cut offs with the. Was it teal or blue

Hugh:                       shirts? I was the rockies color pallet. Basically. The Teal and purple.

Benjamin:            Pretty rough. Yeah. Not Good. Let's not talk too much about fashion. Let's talk a little bit about baseball. Why don't you tell us how you became a diamond backs fan?

Hugh:                       Well, I grew up playing baseball, grew up watching baseball, and uh, the only team we had in Tucson, there was the Toros way back in the day, which are no longer around obviously, but so I grew up going to those games and there was no pro players on the team, so the rockies where my team and then luckily in and backs came along and the rest is history.

Benjamin:            So tell me what it's like to have an expansion team. How old were you? Did the community rally around the team? What was the experience like getting a new team

Hugh:                       in Tucson? I wasn't as big a deal, but I'm sure I'll be in phoenix where we are now. It'd be part of, it was a huge, I know that had the huge, uh, inauguration game and we actually went to the, uh, 20th anniversary game at the home opener here, so that was pretty cool to see too.

Benjamin:            Tell me what the experience is like going to a diamond backs game. What's the stadium like? What are, what are some of the perks the giants fans might not know?

Hugh:                       It's basically like walking into a public restroom in all his glory holes. I was likely feedback stadium. The chase field is open. The bank one bank one, right. But Bob, because some people would call it, which I always thought was kind of stupid. It's a nice stadium. I mean you've got lots of food, lots of crazy stuff. Supposedly the cheapest beer in baseball, which is a $4 beer, but it's an eight ounce cup. So it's a little bit of a scam. But is it all of sports in advertising?

Benjamin:            So tell me about some of the attractions in the park. Is there anything notable? I know there's the swimming pool if you'd been in that.

Hugh:                       Yeah, there's a swimming pool and now field, um, they try to do a lot of Nice things for the kids in there, which is Kinda cool. There's a, they call it the sand lives up on the third deck out in left field and it's a whole sort of mini stadium and a playground and they have a, one of the, like the third tier pitching coaches up there throwing wiffle balls to the kids. So that's pretty cool. Uh, and with us having little ones at least helps us get through four days before we have to leave.

Benjamin:            So you started off, you know, you were rooting for the team in Tucson as they were an expansion team, eventually moved up to Phoenix. When did you actually think the team was going to be any good?

Hugh:                       I think it was probably 2001 that was on a one of those medical seasons as we all know for anybody that's a fan of Arizona sports, what shocked me or very few. So I'm proud to say that I'm one of them, but uh, I don't think anybody knew they were going to be good honestly. And to have it that quickly was pretty amazing. Obviously a little bit of a drought since then. I mean the last season they showed some promise, but uh, time will tell.

Benjamin:            So thinking back on watching the diamond backs, I'm curious to know who's your favorite player

Hugh:                       of all time? All Time, man. Oh man, they're actually doing a thing up here now. That's like a diamond backs fantasy team. Pick your favorite diamondback from every position. Remember nine of them, right, exactly. Everybody gives me flack when I say it, but I loved Ryan Roberts, the Tattoo man, Ryan Roberts. He wasn't the best player honestly, but that guy lets it all out there every game and I really liked it. Watching him play was pretty fun.

Benjamin:            So Ryan Roberts was there three or four years ago. Tattoos, third baseman sort of power hitting low average.

Hugh:                       Yeah. I guess that's a good way. Describe don't. I don't know if he had a lot of power, but it was just sort of low average.

Benjamin:            It was below average.

Hugh:                       We'll say he's one of those guys. The fans liked him. He was a fan. Favorite night. The only Jersey that I've got is from one of his from back in the day. So yeah, that'd be my favorite one. I think I of all of them

Benjamin:            pretty obscure. Talk to me about your relationship and what Arizona fans relationship is with the giants. Had Arizona fans think about the job,

Hugh:                       you know, having the dodgers around just distract us from a California team. So I think the giants, as far as I know, I don't think anybody really dislikes the giants per se. There's a lot of giants fans here.

Benjamin:            There's a long history of giants, Arizona Baseball, they were one of the first teams that were doing spring training

Hugh:                       in Scottsdale, which is great. And I love going to those games at Scottsdale stadium is great, especially that time of year to watch baseball. And uh, I will say they're not the cheapest beer somebody to follow because I spent about 90 bucks less than was there for like four drinks.

Benjamin:            So my buddy Adam, who's been on this podcast and he's actually going to be back with us next week, went to or tried to go to one of the giant spring training games and he said the tickets were like 25, 35 bucks for a spring training game now.

Hugh:                       Yeah. That sounds about right. Honestly, they have a little bit of a price hike in that area. What? That does seem a little steep.

Benjamin:            Yeah. I mean how much does it cost to go to an Arizona diamondbacks game? Regular season?

Hugh:                       I think get bleacher seats with a hot dog for like $12 or something. There's always some deal. I can't remember what it is now, but something like that.

Benjamin:            My Dad practically sneaks into the park at [inaudible] and goes for 10, 15 bucks. He's scalping tickets and he's just walking up to the game, but like 25 bucks for a spring training game sounds crazy to me, but also makes me feel like an old guy.

Hugh:                       Right, exactly.

Benjamin:            So tell me more about the diamond backs this year. What's the team like? What should a giants fans be looking for and how upset are you that Tim Lincecum is no longer on the team?

Hugh:                       That'd be my biggest gripe is here because the goal is off to a slow start and we know if there's one way to get these numbers up against two months ago. Yeah, that'd be great. But you know, I didn't get to watch a little baseball last year. What end of the season Bollock is uh, what, what the little ones. It's a little tough to get the time, but to be honest,

Benjamin:            number one, why you were laid off at the end of the year starting a new woodworking business has its pain.

Hugh:                       Well that's true too. It's been a little hectic around here. Will just leave it at that. It's a little crazy, but it's fun.

Benjamin:            I'll let everybody on on the inside joke. There might have been a finger that was essentially detached in the woodworking starting business, but for the record he's recovered and he's making and tables for me and my wife for our new home.

Hugh:                       Yeah, only about three months into it. After I left my job to do it, I had a pretty, I guess for what I'm doing catastrophic injury, but like I said, back to pitching. I'm almost there so it'd be nice. But anyway, so this year the dbx. I honestly don't, I, I was playing a little catch up in the pre-season trying to get my bearing on who they traded and who they ended up with and it's been a little like the major leagues. It seemed to me, you know, a lot of these guys are not big names, um, but they sort of have little glimmers of greatest and their records and background and history, so we'll see if they can all kind of make it work this season, but so far it looks good, but it's so early.

Benjamin:            So from a giants fan perspective, thinking about the diamond backs, it's a gruesome lineup. Goldschmidt anchoring the middle of it. Jake lamb.

Hugh:                       Yeah, take. If you can keep it going this year for the second half, that could be the difference because he just fell off the wagon last year. You had a great first half and then just didn't show up at all in the second half of the season. I kind of killed us.

Benjamin:            Little known fact about Jake lamb is that we both have a mutual connection to him. Your sister, who's my wife, works with his girlfriend.

Hugh:                       What does he live in the bay area when? In the off-season.

Benjamin:            I have no idea where he lives. I know that she lives here.

Hugh:                       He probably lives all over the place. I would imagine this one.

Benjamin:            I'm sure he travels plenty, so the middle of the lineup is a, you know, a strong lineup play in a hitter's friendly park and at the top of the rotation you have somebody that the giants went after, which is that Frankie, how's the pitching staff? Who else should we be looking for?

Hugh:                       We've got our guy usually pretty much lights out, so that's a pretty strong uh, middle reliever I think cranky is. I don't know, man. It's hard to say on him. He's not having a great year. You had a bad end of last year and not a great start. So that's probably going to go down as one of the worst deals in history, but we'll see.

Benjamin:            Barry's ido called and he says, hold my beer. Exactly. Matt Kane called and said, I got this. Yeah, right. And Johnny Cueto is potentially picking up the phone, but Jeff Somalia grabbed it from him first.

Hugh:                       You know, I love watching [inaudible] pitch. I love all the crazy shenanigans with the weird quick pitches and weird lineups. He's all over the place, but it's pretty fun to watch.

Benjamin:            You know, I'm, I'm pro Quedo. I have this thing where each person gets to pick a guy that is actively playing, you know, that's your guy on the team growing up. For me it was, well Clark during the world series run, Pablo Sandoval was my guy and then when he went to the red sox I had to pick someone new and I was. Me and Johnny Cueto were flirting a little bit with being my guy and then last year the wheels fell off and so I need two or three years of straight contribution before her. You know, I can make that level of commitment to a pitcher.

Hugh:                       Yeah. Who's your guy pitching wise?

Benjamin:            Anybody?

Hugh:                       Archie, Bradley. You don't see him that often, but when it comes in, the guy is awesome. I really like watching him. Gold is great. Politics usually it's one to watch is going to. If you can stay healthy, that will be another guy that will. We'll need to do anything. And this season we've got a lot of guys with a lot of talent but just can't seem to keep it together or they get injured or down the line, so hopefully it will be healthy. Awesome. All year.

Benjamin:            So there's a long history of comradery between diamond backs and giants fans and also players. Bob Brenly, not Williams, both former giant greats in the eighties. Ended up on the coaching staff tell how the diamondbacks

Hugh:                       fans feel about Bob brenly and Matt Williams to giants crates. But general consensus, I would think they're both pretty good. I mean obviously everybody loves personally because of the world series run. And Matt Millen is part of that team too. So he was another guy that just played the game and was great. Not a lot of a flare, but not a lot of controversy around that. And this guy went out, played the game, came along and it was awesome. You know, actually mark grace is one of my favorite snack of the day. And the reason I liked him so much because he never wore batting gloves. No armor. The helmet, that's it. Which I thought that's kind of a little bit old school. No, nobody's doing that anymore. So I like those guys that kept it. Yeah. The batting gloves of taking over and possibly because that's where all the performance enhancing drugs are being hidden mean.

Hugh:                       Brandon Crawford is coming to bear right now. He looks like he's going to play hockey. I mean he's got every pad on under the sun. I called Jesse. He looks like John Stamos. He's clean as the peer driven snow of course is. If you had to say somebody that was on the diamond backs that you thought was most likely to use steroids, would you say curt schilling or curt schilling? I don't know. I might actually go with Gonzo Gonzo. These are pretty skinny guy. I guess it was sort of the era. Yeah, I mean, but he had a 22 home runs season 58 homer and season and then a 22 home runs and whatever it was. That doesn't really just sorta happened. I wouldn't think so. I don't want to accuse anybody of anything, but uh, he's one of the usually comes up and chats amongst fans. It's peculiar.

Hugh:                       I think the giants have some of them that might be questioned for having a performance enhancing cocktail or two or it could be a guy or two in that same. Yeah. Santangelo's got a great run. He got caught. He got busted. Benito Santiago. That's, I know it. I think anybody who increased a hat size by, you know, four or five times over their career might be a candidate to question that. I don't know. It's possible. Bruce Bochy has the biggest head of any manager in the league. Do you think those performance enhancing substances? They're now. I think he's just old. That's true. It's probably just retaining water or something, you know, of course, of course. OK, so let's get back to baseball. The diamond backs are sitting one game behind first in the National League [inaudible] right now. How do you think they're going to do and how do you think the rest of the Virginia is going to shake out?

Hugh:                       Well, I think it's going to be similar to last year. I would say think the directors are probably gonna dominate bu the rockies are going to be in the hunt, but maybe not quite, you know, and hopefully we'll keep going. And then giants or this isn't one, it doesn't look like it's going to be one of your, uh, on and off in the world series wins. So it isn't even a year. You'd probably finished fourth, fourth, and then San Diego, like I've been saying all season long, you know, they have a baseball team. Not for long probably. I'm actively looking for San Diego padres fans to talk to because it might be the only chance for the giants to get over on somebody this year. Yeah. The funny thing is Las Vegas at the beginning of the year had the giants listed at 84 winds, which is two games over 500. And then we lost bumgardner.

Benjamin:            Kwaito has been on the dl for a little while. We lost some large, uh, we lost our closer. Basically the pitching staff has been decimated already and now all of a sudden we're looking like a, a, you know, mid seventies when team and we're dropping series to the padres so I can't even throw punches, but they were what were the last like two years in a row or something. So we're, we're used to San Diego to unfortunately and everybody else, any advice for giants fans as they go into a potentially sub 500 season from a fan that has done it multiple times. Definitely alcohol intake as the season goes on. And then when I did, I just stop watching games. I mean he just looked forward to football season. God bless the Arizona Falcons. Wait around Arizona. Phoenix is the Arizona. Stanford Cardinal, yeah, that's it. It's a tree, right?

Benjamin:            It's a tree with wings though, so it's kind of weird. But yeah, the red birds where they roll the stadium in from outside to make sure that it gets enough sun. Right, exactly. What's the giants opinion of Bob Brenly? I never really know, uh, how they view him. Yeah. Bob Brindley, 19 eighties. Great catcher. Worked a alongside Bob Melvin, who's now the coach for the Aes. He was a manager for the box for a little while and so I think that everybody thinks very fondly at Brentley. Seems like a guy that you'd want to get a beer with. Actually thinking that my friend Adam, who has been on the podcast called him out of his, one of his top five favorite giants because he seemed like he would likely to have a beard. He talks about ice cream and pizza and I guess the food it chases pretty decent and we don't have any garlic fries or anything obviously, but they got just about everything else that he's always getting snacks and treats and stuff.

Benjamin:            So I think he's, you know, that kind of thing. He's a fed man and he looks like he likes to have a good time. So I think that's what's going on. We have a no hitter watch alert, alert the diamond backs Patrick Corbin hasn't allowed to hit through six inning versus San Francisco giants. And yet the score is still zero zero. So what's the bet if the giants get no hit tonight, how do we square this up? I will bet you that's a long shot though. So how about uh, I'll get you a fancy new dieback Safir Alby. If the giants get no hit, not only can you buy my son a diamond backs fan, but I'll take the picture and I'll put it on the for the fans by the fans instagram account. All right. Deal. And if the giants get a hit, I'm just going to be very happy.

Benjamin:            OK, fair enough. I'll take a good deal. OK. Give me one last story as we wrap up the podcast. Tell me about your favorite baseball moment as a diamond backs fan. Preferably anything related to the giants. You know, I've only been to [inaudible] once and it was when we were playing each other, I can't remember who it was now, but we hit a home run and we were sitting in the, uh, left field stands, but were there together where I think somebody hit a home run and it came right near us and we went on to tryouts. You guys out there. So that was, that was a happy day in my baseball memory. I've blacked it out for one reason or another, and I hope your mother doesn't listen to the end of this podcast. She won't remember it the way. So it doesn't matter. I'm a Su, we love you and please don't judge us.

Benjamin:            I swear I'm, I'm doing this for professional reasons. Yeah. Yeah, this is super serious. OK, so that's, I guess we should wrap this up before we get into trouble. All right. OK, that's a wrap for our show today, or planners do this every week. So if you want more giants baseball in your podcast feed, then click that subscribe button. Also. Uh, we're just getting started. So we'd love for you to give us a rating in the apple itunes store or send us any questions at, for the fans by the We also launched our, for the fans by the fans, twitter and Instagram accounts. So do you want some pictures of the giants in your Instagram feed? or twitter handle is at benjshap. Thanks again to our friends at Fanatics. If you're going to go buy your giants gear, go to And our friends there will kick us a couple of bucks to help produce this show. So until next time, swing and a miss. And that's it.