Who Are The Giants' Most Tradable Players?

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Benjamin: Welcome back to the San Francisco Giants edition of the for the fans by the fans podcast where we bring you your weekly dose of all things, San Francisco Giants from the fan's perspective. I'm a lifelong Giants fan and your host, Benjamin Shapiro. As the giant sit at a few games over 500 and in third place, and the NLS is about halfway through the season, it's just me today sneaking in an extra podcast before the end of the month. But before we talk about what direction Giants franchise is heading, I want to remind you that this podcast is brought to you on behalf of our friends at Fanatics. Fanatics is the global leader in licensed sports merchandising. They have the world's largest collection of official sports apparel from the leagues, teams and players you love. So if you love the giants and you love this podcast, click the link in our show notes or head over to ftfbtf.com/fanatics. And our friends at fanatics will kick us a couple of bucks to help pay for the production of this show when you buy your giants gear. 

Benjamin: Okay, folks, we're at the halfway point of the season and I wanted to take a minute to talk about how we think the giants are doing and honestly they're in a little bit of an uncomfortable situation. The giants have hovered at about 500 throughout the entire season and while it's nice to have your team when sometimes it's better for them to either win a lot or lose a lot in this kind of goes with most teams is you're either in a rebuilding phase or you're trying to win a championship and a lot of the times the teams that are in the middle are kind of in never, never land and to me I feel like that's where the giants are. 

Benjamin: Sure. There's been some highlights. The season the team has a little bit more power. It's been gratifying to watch the two. Brandon's be the best two players on the team. Buster Posey is still good. Alan Hansen has been a bright spot. Gorkys Hernandez had been a bright spot and for me personally, I've really enjoyed seeing Pablo sandoval come back to the giants and be the Pablo of old hitting roughly to 70 in playing all over the diamond. We've had some bright spots that fizzled out in Mac Williamson and we've also had some inconsistency in the pitching staff. Fortunately we've had some good rookies come up. I'm excited to see Chris Stratton pitch the second half of this season. I think Rodriguez and Swarez have shown promise some barges coming back and hopefully he'll be more effective, but at the end of the day, I look at the giants this year as a 500 team. Originally I thought that this team might be able to sneak into the back end of the playoffs or remain in contention and the more that I watched them, the more that I think that they're going to win one and they're going to lose one and at the end of the day they're going to hover about 500. 

Benjamin: And what that means for the team is maybe it's good for the organization and the sense of it keeps the fan bases interest, maybe it keeps butts in seats, it helps the giants pay for their payroll and they'll continue to invest in the team. And the minor league system will start to produce. On the flip side, being a 500 team means that you have about a 500 in terms of your draft spot. So the giants aren't likely to get the top level talent that's going to help their team move forward like they could last year. So who knows what we get with Joey Bart in a couple of years. Maybe that's the heir apparent to buster posey. Maybe he becomes a corner infielder or an outfielder with some pop down the road. It's a little too early to tell. But today what I wanted to do was think about what our options are. 

Benjamin: Great. Maybe some larger comes back, maybe kwaito comes back and all of a sudden this team hops up to instead of two games, over 500 hops, up to 10 games, over 500 and sneaks into the back end of the playoffs, and then you have Kwaito and Bob Gardner pitching in the playoffs. Do you have an experienced team that knows how to win? That's best case scenario, but what happens if the opposite happens? What happens if the pitching stays in consistent? The team is old, often injured, and were not able to get over the hump and we're not going to be in playoff contention before the end of the year. What I think is relevant is to start thinking about who might be a good trade candidate. So today I want to walk you through who the people that I think are the top three trade candidates for the giants this year. 

Benjamin: And I'm going to take one from the Infield, one from the outfield and one from the pitching staff. So let's start with the outfield. When I look at the Outfield, I look at first and foremost, Andrew mccutchen. He's got a war of one. His batting average is two 60. He's got eight home runs and an on base percentage of 3:46. He's been a little bit above average in terms of hitting, but on the defensive side he's been pretty terrible. His defensive stats are a negative four point four war, which is pretty rough. Outside of Andrew Mccutchen, Gorkys Hernandez has been a pleasant surprise, is batting averages to 84. He's got an on base percentage of 3:38, so close to mccutcheons. He's hit 10 home runs. He's got more home runs than mccutchin. Neither of them are stealing a lot of bases. We saw Mac Williamson come up and be hot in the beginning of the season and then fizzle out and his average for the seasons down to 2:13. 

Benjamin: Right now he's in the minors. Austin slater came up. He's hitting 400. He's had a total of five at bats this season, and then maybe most disappointing of all is Austin Jackson who's hitting a paltry 2:41. He's got a 3:12 on base percentage, a negative point eight war two stolen bases. He's been very underwhelming and then there's are often discussed and much loved hunter pence who's hitting now up to two. Oh, four hasn't shown much pop hasn't been getting on base. I don't think he's much of a trade candidate and I think that he might not be on the team by the end of the season. So to me, when we look at the outfield and talk about who's the biggest trade candidate, it has to be Andrew mccutchen. There's a couple of factors that play here. One, I think that Andrew mccutchen power is being diminished by the park that he plays and he's only hit eight home runs and I think that another team will value his swing more than the giants will. 

Benjamin: He's hitting to 60 but had such a slow start at the beginning of season that I think that his average has been higher and so people will be happier to see that he's been trending in the right direction and he's also been having a really hard time playing defense in a t and t park. The last thing is Andrew mccutchen is in the last year of his deal, so he essentially serves as a rental for a team looking to add a power bat in the outfield with playoff experience. I think Andrew mccutchen is at the top of the list for trade candidates for the giants. When it comes to the outfield, when we look at the Infield, there's obviously a few untouchables right now, brandon belt and Brandon Crawford, or having their best seasons as giants. Both of them are hitting close to 300 Crawford with an average of three slash 16 belt with an average of two 97. 

Benjamin: They're both above a two point five war. They're close to the team lead in home runs. They're our best players. They're both positive defensive players that they're not going anywhere. Buster Posey untradeable in my mind, Alan Hansen has been a positive surprise. He's been backfilling at short third and second and hitting close to 300. I think he's been clutch. I think he's a good bad off the bench. Nicom Liza backup catcher. You're not getting rid of him. Longoria is an interesting topic. He's hitting 2:46, a low average. He still got a lot of poppies hit 10 home runs so far he's on the disabled list, but we've also seen the rise of Pablo Sandoval who has a 20 point higher batting average and only for less home runs in over 100 at bats. Less so. To me, Longoria is a trade candidate as well. The issue with Longoria is he's got a couple of years left on his contract, so asking somebody to take on that investment to me is a long shot. 

Benjamin: Then we get down to Joe Panik, second base, Joe Panik, batting to 49, a 3:30 on base average three home runs. He's been injured a fair amount. He's a good defensive player. To me, Joe Panik is the most tradable asset that the giants have. I think the value for Joe Panic because people remember him as a world series player. I think they remember his first couple of seasons where he batted closer to 300, but more recently he's been injured a lot. Has average isn't very good. I think that he's shown to me that he is not the all star type player when he came up. I think that the giants fan, we're looking at him as a professional hitter, more of a Derek jeter type where he's getting close to 300 than the 2:50, two to 70 average player. That has been. I think that Joe Panik is probably a saleable asset and I think that there's enough depth in the organization in Middle Infield to be able to backfill for him. 

Benjamin: So joke. Panic is my most likely trade candidate for the giants in the Infield. Now let's go to the pitching staff. The pitching staff has been much maligned the season mostly with the starters. I look at Baumgardner as the ace, obviously coming back from his injury, just rounding into form Quedo coming off an injury. He's got a long contract. He pitched really well at the beginning of the season, so Martha has been a certified disaster. I don't think that anybody in their right mind would trade for him knowing that his era is closer to nine than it is to three. We've got the young pitchers, Stratton's been a pleasant surprise. Block is valuable coming out of the bullpen. Derek Rodriguez looked very good coming in from the miners and I think that it's too early to tell what we have with Suarez. I don't think that there are any tradable candidates in our starting rotation with the exception of maybe Derek Holland, if he continues to play well, it's somebody that you can move on, but probably likely only for a minor leaguer. 

Benjamin: So to me, the tradable asset that we're having is going to be coming out of the bullpen. So when we look at the bullpen arm, I look at Tony Watson has had a great season. He's a lefty coming out of the pen, will smith. Those are two valuable assets. I think they're young enough that we're going to want them on the team. For Awhile. Raz Miranda has been a surprising find out of the bullpen, a good solid low era to running ra, a good middle inning eater. Sam dyson been a little inconsistent, but right now he's our closer, so I don't think you're getting rid of him. Mark Millington is going to be too expensive for anyone to trade coming off the dl after a long stint. It's got a four point five era. I think if given the opportunity, the giants would consider moving off well Lanson, but at the end of the day, I just think that he's too expensive, so to me the biggest trade candidate for the giants coming out of the bullpen is going to be hunter strickland. 

Benjamin: Hunter Strickland's are closer. He's got experience as a setup man. He's a hard thrower. He's been developing his third pitch, so he's got the high heater, a little bit of a cutter. He's got an off speed pitch. I think the assets are there for hunter strickland to be a valuable member of the bullpen. He's got a two point eight, four era. Hasn't been a great closer in terms of safe rate, but he has that experience at the end of the day, I think why the giants move on from hunter dot strickland is the things that happen not necessarily off the field, but after he's out of the game. I think you look back to last year and you see the blow up. That was an embarrassment to the organization with a fight in the middle of the field with Bryce Harper and then you look this year how we ended up on the disabled list by getting frustrated, playing a middle of the season game against the marlins and punching the door and breaking his hand. 

Benjamin: Don't get me wrong. I think hunter strickland is a very good pitcher. I think he was a good reliever. I'm not necessarily sold that he's the closer, but I think that if there's somebody that the giants think has value, but they're ready to move on from Hunter Strickland's your top candidate. So let's recap in the outfield. Andrew mccutchen one year deal, relatively expensive, has pop underperformed in the outfield. Not a great average. I think people would buy him because of the brand name of Andrew mccutchen and having some playoff experience on the infield panic hasn't panned out to be what we thought he was. He's not the 300 hitter, good defensive player, been on the team for awhile. I think his trade value is higher than what his actual production is and coming out of the bullpen hunter strickland with his off field issues, breaking his hand, getting in fights, having trouble controlling his rage. 

Benjamin: He hasn't been a consistent closer. I think we have bullpin depth and to me those are the three biggest trade candidates for the giants for this year. I'd love to hear from you and hear what you think the giants biggest trade candidates are. So if you're interested in having a conversation about this, go ahead and hit us up on twitter. Our handle is FTF BTF, or you can find us on facebook. We have a fan group of facebook.com/FTF BTF, and that wraps up today's show. Our plan is to do this a couple times a week, so if you want more giants, baseball and your podcast feed, click the subscribe button. Also, since we're just getting started, we'd love for you to give us a rating and the apple itunes store or send us any questions or suggestions that you may have for the show@forthefansbythefans.com, or you could just go to FTF ETF.com. Thanks again to our friends at fanatics. If you're gonna, go buy your giants gear. Click the link in our show notes, or go to FDF, btf dotcom slash fanatics, and our friends at fanatics will kick us a couple of bucks to help produce the show. Until next time, go giants swing and a miss and that's it.